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Ladies Summer Wetsuits

Ladies Summer Wetsuits

Women's Summer Wetsuits

Hitting the beach this Summer or off to warmer climates for a winter surfing session? We hold one of the largest ranges of Ladies Summer Wetsuits in the UK that are available on Next Day Delivery and we always have all sizes in stock. A good summer wetsuit is usually constructed in a full suit with 3mm of neoprene on the body and 2mm on the arms. This ensures that your wetsuit keeps you warm for water temperatures of 15c plus. These wetsuits can be used for all water sports so whether you are hitting the waves for a surf or using the wind for the exciting sport of kite surfing we have all the products that you need to stay warm. When it comes to sizing then all the wetsuits are displayed in UK dress sizes so we sort that out so you get the perfect fit. If you find that you are taller or shorter than the average height then don't worry as we also stock tall and short versions in most of the wetsuits. Not sure whether to buy a Rip Curl, O'Neill Wetsuits, Billabong Wetsuits, C-Skins wetsuits or Xcel wetsuit? No problem - give us a call on 01202 302943 and we will happily point you in the right direction.

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Where Can I Buy The Best Wetsuits For Women?

At the Wetsuit Centre we have catered for all budgets meaning you can purchase no matter how much you have to spend. What difference does spending more money make? well the features of the suit increase such as additional super stretch material on the body. The stretcher the wetsuit is the better the fit will be as it creates a better structure around your body. This also means you move free and get less tired whilst in the water. They will also add in things like thermal lining and liquid seals. The thermal lining acts very much in the same way as thermal underwear and retains your body heat in the wetsuit keeping you warmer for longer. Liquid seals ensure that no water can penetrate the stitching on the suit again this will ensure you stay warmer for longer. The brands we stock are the best in the world and lead when it comes to technology and innervation. O'Neill developed the very first wetsuit which was created by Jack O'Neill in California as a surfer he just wanted to be able to surf all year round even in the winter months. Hence the first wetsuit came to life and since then to journey to find the best materials and warmth has never stop. Today O Neill are the largest producer of suits in the world with the best selling range of Epic & Psycho suits. Hot on there heals are Rip Curl with the development of the Flash Bomb range and Billabong with the Synergy range, all of which share Jack's passion for staying in the water for longer and having the best most flexible materials.

If you are looking for the very best quality from a UK brand then it is well worth taking a look at C Skins or Alder. They are knowledge of the UK waters and there development is all about warmth and value for money.