Top Surfing Accessories You Need For Your Next Surf

Top Surfing Accessories You Need For Your Next Surf

Surfing might just be one of the easiest sports to start. All you really need is a board and some waves. However, though it might look easy, mastering this sport is harder than it seems. If you have the right kit, then you can speed up this process whether you are a seasoned professional or a beginner. Some accessories, such as wax, are essential for safe surfing, but there's also a wealth of supplementary gear available to help you that you can use to take your surf skill to the next level.


Surf wax is essential for grip and traction, surf wax is the single most important accessory you'll need. Different temperatures of water require different waxes, and you can usually choose between cold wax, cool wax, warm wax, and tropical wax. Check out our wide range of different waxes .


Earplugs protect your ears from wind and water, preventing damage known as "surfer's ear". They're especially useful if you're surfing in cold conditions, or if you're attempting tricks or big waves. Hot Surf 69 Silicone Ear Putty moulds to your ear for a perfect fit, and is a great choice for beginners and intermediate surfers. If you don't want to block your hearing, the pricier (but well worth it) EQ Seals Balance Pro Earplugs are a great (and medically tested) choice for serious surfers.

Surfboard Leash

Just like wax, this is another accessory you really shouldn't skip – unless you want to run the risk of having your surfboard swallowed by the ocean or stolen by the waves. Choose a good-quality, hard-wearing surfboard leash, with a wide variety to choose from , make sure you also purchase the right length.


Even though we all love a sun-kissed look, sunscreen is a must if you're going to be spending hours in the water, whether it is sunny or not. It is important that you choose a sunscreen specifically designed for water sports, as regular sunscreen isn't as long-lasting whilst in water, and can cause irritation if it runs into your eyes.

Changing towel

It might not be the sexiest piece of kit you own, but a good changing towel is worth its weight in gold. Rip Curl Wetty Hooded Changing Towel is made of high-quality, thick towelling, keeping you warm and dry on even the windiest winter beach.

Bike rack

For the planet-conscious, a bike rack is a must have. A surfboard bike rack is the ultimate eco-friendly way to get from A to B. We like the simple, no-fuss construction of the Ocean & Earth Side Loader Bike Rack.

Surf camera

Improve your moves (or just revel in your own coolness) with a waterproof action camera attached to your surfboard. Models such as the Silverlabel Focus Action Camera 360 is tough enough to record HD video in even the most extreme situations and can be affixed to your mountain bike, motorcycle helmet, or skateboard as well as your surfboard.

Surfboard deck pad

A good surfboard deck pad will give you even more grip for tricky moves. The Aerial Material Ezra 3 Piece will help you surf the biggest of waves or shoot through the most capricious of tubes.