10 Useful Resources for Female Surfers

A female surfer sat on a red surfboard in the sea

Currently, surfing is considered a male-dominated sport. If you are a female surfer, you are probably familiar with the realisation that, men’s surfing generally takes over the headlines. You are also probably used to the fact that you can be one of few other female surfers in the water.

If you're a female and you find yourself wanting to take up surfing, then dive on in! Here at Wetsuit Centre, we stock a great range of ladies wetsuits as well as various other surfing equipment, we even offer advice on our website to help get you started so you can ride those waves!


Females in the Professional World of Surfing

With the World Surf League declaring equal pay for both female and male professional surfers in 2018, it is apparent that women in the sport are slowly being considered in league with their male competitors. For more information about WSL's update of equal pay, take a look at our most memorable surf moments of the WSL.

Of course, this is only the start, and there are many more baby steps to precede! Still, it can feel like women don’t quite get the attention they deserve when it comes to honouring surf ability.

For some surfers who are trying to advance their skill, this can feel pressurising when trying to improve. For those surfers who are starting, it can feel off-putting and as though they don’t have a place in the sport.

Fortunately, there is a strong, female surfing community out there. With professional surfers such as Carissa Moore encouraging girls to use surfing as a confidence tool in life through her ‘Moore Aloha’ non-profit organisation, more and more resources are widely available that are created by or for female surfers.

Two women surfers sat in the sea on their surfboards

Our Selection of Surf Resources

Here at Wetsuit Centre, we want our female surfers to feel empowered. Sometimes, feeling as though you are part of a crew can boost your confidence, so we have selected our top resources for female surfers to do just this.

Whether you are looking for tips on technique, fitness or would like to read stories from women in the surf industry, we have chosen our top websites, books, societies and podcasts for you!

Some of the resources featured may be more useful to those starting, whereas some may appeal to those who want advice and to learn from other female surfers.

Whatever your ability, hopefully, our selection of female-based resources can help.

Online Tips and Advice

There are some great online resources dedicated to female surfers. They share up to date news stories, technique tips, fitness information and even some healthy eating recipes.

Surf Girl

Surf Girl is the original female surf magazine. Established in 2002, the magazine is usually released four times a year and is packed full of information including advice on equipment, essential fitness tips and unique interviews with female surfers.

The magazine also has a website, surfgirlmag.com. Here you can find an array of informative blog posts that cover everything from travel advice to health and fitness tips to get you prepped for the sea.

Surf Sirens

The Surf Sirens site is currently on pause, but it is usually overflowing with information and advice to ensure female surfers feel confident and knowledgeable in the water. On their Instagram account @surfirens, they refer to themselves as ‘the voice of women’s surfing’ and offer a range of advice, specialising surf trips, news and surf stories!

Salty Souls

A slightly different type of online resource, Salty Souls is an online subscriptions service. It offers the best advice for peak mental and physical health for female surfers. Every part of their online programme is specialised for surfing, and it is the focus of their no equipment workouts. A key feature is their guided yoga sessions, accessed through video. They also provide healthy food recipes and nutritional guidance.

It is the ideal place to meet like-minded women who love to surf!

A woman surfer riding a wave

Top Books

There are so many useful and informative books available for surfers. Below, we take a look at the favourites aimed for and written by women who surf:

Girl in the Curl: A Century of Women in Surfing, Andrea Gabbards

If you would like to know more about women and their history in the sport, this book is the perfect starting point. The stunning images will have you in awe and eager to get in the sea ASAP. It dedicates itself to recognising and spreading awareness of surfing’s undervalued female athletes.

The Surf Girl Handbook, Louise Searle

This book offers 160 pages of invaluable advice from some of the world’s greatest female pro surfers. The information ranges from beginner to advanced levels, meaning you can refer to it throughout your surf experience and it will be on hand to help you progress. It covers everything including tips on technique, travel, fitness, food, etiquette and water knowledge!

The Girls Guide to Surfing, Andrea McCloud

Those who are just starting may appreciate this one, but its sense of humour will appeal to most women and proves to be an incredibly helpful guide.

It is incredibly simple to read and breaks down all the aspects of surfing while providing uplifting and inspiring quotes from professional surfers and captivating illustrations.

A female surfer lying on her board in the sea

Best Podcasts

We explore the top podcasts which are designed for and by women in surfing!

Confessions of a Surfer Lady

Created by iaera surf, this podcast has a unique set up and uses the ‘confessions’ of female surfers as the basis of its discussion. Essentially, listeners can reveal information or bring light to subjects they would like to explore on the podcast, which is exclusive to female surfing. They aim to keep women’s surfing as ‘real’ as possible by combatting the typical, passive and ‘sexy’ stereotypes of female surfers which flood surfing media.

Always encouraging women to join in the discussion, why not check out their site, get involved and listen to them on Spotify!

The Ocean Riders Podcast

The Ocean Riders Podcast showcases the talent of surfers beyond the water. Founded by Imi Barneaud, a surfer, a mum and an entrepreneur, she explores how surfing has helped to shape people’s lives positively. An exciting insight into how people either create or find their dream jobs which allows them to surf regularly, it is an inspirational podcast.

A woman surfer walking the board on a wave


If you would like to be included within a female surf organisation, take a look at the recommendations below:

Women + Waves

Women+Waves are a passionate, surfing based society which aims to connect women through the power of surfing. They create events throughout the year which women can attend across the world. Their UK events include trips to The Wave as well as surf breaks in places such as Croyde and Newquay.

London Girls Surf Club

For those who live in the hustle and bustle of England’s capital, London Girls Surf Club may be the perfect surf-based community for you. Become part of a community of encouraging, landlocked women who have the desire to surf! Not only does it offer support, but there is also the opportunity to book trips away!

Are there any resources you think we have missed which are created by or are beneficial to female surfers? Why not inform us on our social media channels and let other surfers know too?

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