A Beginners Guide To Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding is now an incredibly popular sport worldwide having experienced a particularly intense surge in usership and uptake in recent years. This is not at all surprising given that paddleboarding delivers an unmatched upper and lower body workout, a chance to glide across the waves, to socialise on the sea; all whilst taking in the scenery and the wonder of the beach, the ocean itself and the aloha spirit.

But what exactly is paddleboarding? It really is very simple! It involves a person laying on their front, on their knees or standing on a board, whilst using a paddle to propel themselves. Best on the open ocean, paddleboarding is a versatile sport and can also be performed on rivers and lakes. The calmer and less choppy the water the better! Having first come into the fore in the 1960’s, with the Beach Boys of Waikiki standing on their longboards to best view the oncoming waves, paddleboarding leapt onto the scene quite suddenly in the early noughties. Now, there are competitions held all over the world, societies, surf shops, races and meets dedicated to the sport of paddleboarding, read on to learn more!

What Exactly Are You Going To Need?

Firstly, you are going to have to decide what exactly it is that you want to do with your paddleboard. There are an incredible range of different activities that you can do on or with your board, and with each activity comes a different specification, sizing, materials etc. We outline for you the different types in our blog, which you can read here. For beginners, we would always recommend the inflatable standup paddleboard, or SUP. This is perfect for those just getting into paddleboarding, for several reasons:

  • They a more cost effective
  • They take up a lot less space and are therefore less of a commitment and far easier to transport (for those who do not live close to water/a suitable paddleboarding location)
  • They often come in package deals

We currently stock an eclectic range of SUP package deals, our favourites are:

All of these packages include everything that you will need to get out there, get paddleboarding, and enjoy the waves in a unique and marvellous way. The items that they include are:

  • Paddles
  • Safety cord
  • Pump
  • Carry bag
  • Repair kits
  • SUP
  • Free accessories
  • And much more besides!

Buying your first paddleboard in a package means that you will save money on singular purchases and it ensures that you have everything that you need to get going. There is nothing worse than turning up to the beach, only to realise that you are missing an essential piece of kit, trust us!

Where To Begin Your Paddleboarding Adventure?

For beginners and those seeking calmness and serenity, we would suggest Ullswater in the Lake District. Big lakes do not get much better. For the more adventurous among you, or for those who are already adept surfers and feel more at home in the sea you cannot go wrong with a circumnavigation of Burgh Island in Devon, see caves and coves and a famous Art Deco hotel - what is not to love?!

We are currently in the process of writing for you a detailed list of all the best paddleboarding spots in the U.K for beginners, experts, those wanting rivers, lakes, seas or unique adventures alike! Watch this space. If you would like to view our range of paddleboards, or if you already have a board and want to have a browse of our paddleboard accessories, then we have a wide and varied range to choose from.