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Choosing your first board can be somewhat confusing; here at Wetsuit Centre, we recommend using a foam surfboard! They’re excellent for starting your surfing journey and they’re great fun for intermediate surfers too!

If you’re looking to find the perfect beginner surfboard, we’re sure you’ll find it here at Wetsuit Centre. If you’re still unsure about which surfboard is right for you, you can always contact a member of our team or browse through our blog for more information!

Are Foam Surfboards Good For Beginners?

Foam surfboards are great for all skill levels! A foam surfboard is stable, user-friendly and easy to paddle, making standing up on your board easier and more enjoyable!

Beginners are usually recommended to start with a foam longboard surfboard; you’ll find that they will help you catch waves. They’re also softer than other surfboards, decreasing your risk of injury, which also benefits others around you if the water is busy.

A foamie is also much more buoyant and offers a larger volume, this is measured in litres. The volume will help those who are new to surfing balance on their board, and the buoyancy will make paddling much easier.

Although intermediate surfers enjoy using foam boards, they are mostly used by beginners; because of this, you won’t need to worry about the cost of the board as they’re generally affordable.

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What Are The Best Foam Surfboards in 2021?

We’ve selected some of the best foam surfboards that are great for an array of beginners at different stages and with different goals.

Tiki 7’ Epic Surfboard

TAHE 7’ Egg Surfboard

This 7ft super fun surfboard is perfect for lightweight beginners and intermediates. The surfboard includes an extremely robust construction with a wide nose and tail, making the surfboard easy to manoeuvre and paddle. Its moderate volume and rounded edges allow for maximum control and stability.

Tiki 7’ Epic Surfboard

The new Tiki Epic soft surfboard line for 2021 has taken the next step forward in terms of foamies. The Mini Mal shape is perfect for learners looking to get to grips with catching waves, which is essential for any surfer aspiring to progress.

TAHE 7’3 Malibu Surfboard 2021

This TAHE 7’3 Malibu surfboard features a ding-free Dura-Tec construction, so you can surf with confidence and focus more on your technique. It is an excellent entry-level board for new surfers, offering a combination of stability and performance to ease paddling while also catering to more advanced surfers.

What Size Foam Surfboard Should I Get?

Volume is an important factor when choosing a beginner surfboard; the more volume, the better the board will float, making it easier for you to get on your feet when in the water.

The volume of a surfboard is measured in litres. A great beginners board will have at least 60 litres of volume; the more, the better. A minimal longboard surfboard can have around 65-80 litres of volume.

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How Long Do Foam Surfboards Last?

In general, a foam soft-top surfboard should last between 5 – 10 years.

Foam surfboards are durable, so you can be sure that your board will last a while! An average surfer who surfs somewhere between a few times a month to a few times a week and cares for their board properly can expect their board to last years.

However, if you’re more of an aggressive and high-performance shortboarder, you can expect to need a new board every 6 months to one year.

We hope this article has helped you to choose the right surfboard for you! If you’re in need of more advice, please feel free to contact a member of our team. Here at Wetsuit Centre, we are always happy to help and share our expertise!

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