Best Surfing Destinations In The UK

As the warmer weather and cooler winds herald in the start of Spring (with Summer now fast approaching!) novice, intermediate and expert surfers alike grab their gear and head out to their favourite surfing spots. However, for those of who don’t yet have a favourite spot, or if you just haven’t gotten the chance yet to experience the U.K surf scene, then this blog is for you! We will be giving you an overview of the best surfing destinations in the U.K so you can pick the right beach for your skill level, and for your locale! Let’s get started!

England: Croyde Bay, North Devon

This is a surfing hotspot held in high esteem by many, with a popularity that reflects this (surfers who like a bit of seclusion may want to look elsewhere). The waves are best at low-tide and offer up challenges for both beginners and seasoned professionals. Framed by sand-dunes followed by countryside, this is a truly excellent surfing spot for all ages and skill levels.

England: Porthleven, Cornwall

A jewel in the crown of the English surfing scene, respected for its incredible waves and loved for the scenery Porthleven is widely considered one of, if not the best spot in England to catch huge tubes and mingle with other pro-surfers. With lifeguard cover in the busy season, ample parking, shops cafes and pubs not far away, with toilets in the town centre, you won’t be disappointed with a surfing trip to Porthleven.

Northern Ireland: Portrush, Country Antrim (East Strand)

Country Antrim in Northern Ireland is a beautiful place in its own right. But head to the East Strand and you will find glorious surfing absolutely perfect for beginners. The waves never grow too large owing to shelter provided by headland – which also facilitates surfing during stormy weather!

Scotland: Thurso East

Widely considered by many as one of the best surfing beaches in Europe, situated next to the UK’s northernmost town, Thurso East plays host to some illustrious surfing competitions and its exciting, unpredictable barrels, gigantic Atlantic swells and reefbreaks are best left to the experts! Remember, this is Scotland, the water and the wind are going to be cold! This is never enough to put off the experienced riders however, and for those willing to brave the icy waters, the joys are endless.

Wales: Llangennith Beach

Arguably one of the most famous surfing meccas in the whole of Wales, (and Welsh Surfing Federation HQ) Llangennith Beach boasts a 3 mile stretch of clean and well-kept shoreline, with wave types and setups to please beginners to experts – chances are you’ll find more beginners to intermediates than pro’s as this is the ideal location to learn/hone the basics of surfing. That being said waves can quickly grow to 5ft+!

We truly hope that at some point this Spring or this Summer you get the chance to visit one of the above-mentioned surfing spots, as they are each one of them unique and will without a doubt provide you with some truly excellent surf experiences – come rain or shine! It is worth mentioning of course that this is by no means an exhaustive list and the U.K still has lots of hidden gems yet to discover!