The Best Women's Wetsuits 2022

Every year, wetsuit technology gets better and better; sometimes, it can be hard to keep up, which is why we've collected some of our top recommendations for women’s wetsuits. In our guide, you'll find some of the very best shorty, summer and winter wetsuits to choose from, so no matter what season you prefer to catch the waves, you'll find the perfect wetsuit right here at Wetsuit Centre.


The Best Winter Wetsuits for Women

We've compiled some of the top wetsuits for 2022. Starting from the top of the line wetsuits that require a slightly bigger budget to more wallet-friendly wetsuits that will still offer you a great surf session while you battle it out with the winter waves.

Mystic Gem Hooded Winter Wetsuit

The Mystic Gem wetsuit is a proud addition to Mystic’s range and allows you to hit the waves from 5°C and above. The Gem’s attached hood offers you extra comfort and protection from the cold.

The suit has a variety of features that set it apart from other wetsuits; these include:

  • Waterproofed stretch taping and glued blind stitching to reduce the amount of cold water from seeping in.
  • Flaremesh+, a quick-dry liner, in the chest, back, lower body and hood.
  • Reinforced wind mesh panels reduce the wind chill.
  • The Yamamoto 39 neoprene offers some of the highest thermal and stretch properties on the market!

Say goodbye to using 'it's too cold' as an excuse and let your performance peak as you surf some of the best waves of the year in comfort and style.

O'Neill Epic 5/4 Winter Wetsuit

The O'Neill Epic is the perfect bridge between high-end and budget wetsuits, combining high-quality technology and affordable prices; O'Neill wetsuits have been demonstrating some incredible progression over the years.

The Epic is an outstanding wetsuit for its competitive price and high-quality features. Thanks to the suit’s Ultraflex neoprene and Fluidflex thermal lining, the Epic offers almost unparalleled warmth and performance for its price.

The Epic’s latest redesign now features:

  • Eco neoprene
  • Wind-proofed Smoothskin
  • Glued and blind stitched seams
  • Double super seal collar

C-Skins Surflite 5/3 Winter Wetsuit 2022

The C-Skins Surflite winter wetsuit is a great value winter wetsuit with some high-quality features. The suit's glued and blind-stitched seams are fully sealed, while True Thickness neoprene supports its ability to lock in extra heat. As well as retaining heat, the suit also allows you a great level of freedom, being the most flexible Surflite yet!

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The Best Summer Wetsuits for Women

Here are some of the top-rated summer wetsuits that offer the perfect balance of flexibility and protection. Heat retention might not be your initial top priority, but it certainly should be if you're looking to stay out in the waves for longer and perfect your manoeuvres.

Xcel Comp

The Xcel Comp is the perfect suit to surf in throughout the summer months in the UK. The suit has upgraded its thermal lining to retain heat and keep you warmer for longer. To add to its comforting features, the suit is made with super soft neoprene, meaning you can move with less restriction in the water.

The Xcel Comp’s features include:

  • Triple glued and blind stitched seams
  • Engineered fit system
  • Super soft neoprene

C-Skins Surflite 4/3 Summer Wetsuit

Similar to the Winter Wetsuit, the C-Skins Surflite summer wetsuit offers excellent heat retention and flexibility, allowing you to move freely throughout the waves while also keeping you warmer for longer.

The suit will keep you going in the UK's water from April through to December.

The suit features:

  • Free Flex neoprene in the lower body
  • Xtend neoprene in the upper body
  • Super seal glideskin collar
  • Glued and blind stitched seams
  • True Thickness neoprene

Outdoor Adventure (OA) Summer Wetsuit 2022

The OA wetsuit is a classic that offers you the ultimate experience during the summer months. Its super-stretch neoprene provides excellent comfort and unrestricted movement, so you can seamlessly surf your summer waves.

Thanks to the stretch of the suit, you'll find the perfect fit, effortlessly retaining heat so you can stay out in the water for longer, no matter what water sports you're pursuing. The suit is designed to keep you warm in the UK's water from April to November.

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The Best Shorty Wetsuits for Women

2022’s shorty wetsuits are yet to be dropped. However, that's not to say the suits of 2021 won't do the job perfectly. We've selected some of the top shorty wetsuits that make the perfect companion for surfing some of the hottest waves of the summer!

Mystic Diva Shorty Wetsuit

The super stretch Mystic Diva wetsuit is designed to offer the wearer ultimate flexibility, added comfort and warmth so you can keep catching waves for longer.

Key features of this suit include:

  • Jako Neoprene - This neoprene offers high density and durability, as well as wind protection and super stretch.
  • Flatlock stitching
  • Glideskin double neck construction – The glideskin inner liner provides good water closure and comfort.

O'Neill Reactor II Shorty Wetsuit 2021

The latest O'Neill Reactor update now includes 100% super stretch neoprene, which provides the wearer with a soft, flexible and well-fitted suit. Not only does this suit offer complete freedom of movement, but it also delivers warmth thanks to its fit.

This suit is recommended for UK waters in the summer months of July and August and also in warmer climates.

Key features of this suit include:

  • Ultraflex neoprene
  • Double super seal neck
  • Flatloc seams
  • Wind resistant smoothskin front and back panels
  • Superstretch neoprene

We hope this article will help you in your wetsuit search; if you require any further information or advice, contact a member of our team or have a browse through our blog. Here at Wetsuit Centre, we're always happy to help!