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If you want a dependable wetsuit that does what it says on the tin, the C-Skins Legend wetsuit range delivers! A trusted and reputable wetsuit brand, the C-Skins Legend provides everything you need to have a good (and warm) time in the ocean.

We explore what makes this C-Skin wetsuit so reliable, and how it compares to other wetsuits in a similar price bracket.



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The C-Skin Legend in a Nutshell


The C-Skin Legend wetsuit range is aimed at entry–level surfers. You will find that it is an extremely affordable design, where the winter 5mm range is less than £150!

All in all, the suit is relatively basic with no particularly advanced features that set it up against higher-end suits. However, its affordability still provides a quality suit that you can depend on and will undoubtedly last you well, providing you look after it properly!

We take a brief look at some of the suit’s main features:


One of the key features of the suit is the lightweight Xtend neoprene. Designed by C-Skin to ensure the ultimate stretch, it means that you can paddle freely in the water. Flexibility in the upper body is further enhanced by the seamless paddle zones that allow free movement.

You will notice the hardier with Free Flex neoprene on the suits' lower body, which offers slightly more durability.


You will notice unique features on the suit such as the Iris Closure system around the neck ensure that you don’t experience nasty, cold flush throughs.

The Antifreeze Poly pro chest & back panel ensures that the most crucial part of your body remains warm, your torso - protecting your main organs, such as the kidneys, from the cold!

Glued and blindstitched seams offer that extra sealing to minimise excess water leaking into the suit. This is a feature that you should always look out for when purchasing a suit.


If you’re new to the game, you definitely will want something that offers durability while you find your feet.

With this in mind, C-Skins have finished their range with ‘anatomically structured’ Dura Flex knee pads for the ultimate protection.

Additional Features

Ensuring you have the most comfortable session in the water, the C-Skin Legend range doesn’t cop out when it comes to the smaller details.

Each suit is finished with a Superseal Glideskin collar that protects your neck from any rubbing while in the sea.

The suit is also complete with a handy key pocket!

For more of an overview, our infographic below provides the pros and cons of the C-Skin Legend range:

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Who Is the C-Skin Legend For?


As an entry-level suit, the C-Skin Legend is ideal for those who are just getting to grips with their new watersport. It offers everything a wetsuit needs in terms of keeping you warm, and the back zip ensures that you can get the wetsuit on and off with ease.

As you progress, you will start to realise what you require from your wetsuit and how other designs can accommodate your needs.

Price Range

For the price of this wetsuit, you are getting a lot for your money. Even the thicker winter range is less than £150, which is quite the bargain. The True Thickness neoprene ensures that you are getting quality neoprene, so there is no need to worry about the durability of the materials.

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Alternatives to the C-Skin Legend Range


Summer Wetsuits

Other summer suits in a similar price range include the men’s Rip Curl 3:2 Omega Back Zip wetsuit and the O’Neill Hammer range. With more of a focus on flexibility, you will find that the O’Neill Hammer is created with 100% UltraFlex DS and missing a chest panel that you will find on the C-Skin Legend. This isn’t a big deal, but the outer rubber panel is usually included to protect against wind chill. As a 3:2 suit, this isn’t so much of a key focus for a summer suit.

If you like how C-Skin wetsuits fit but want something more technical and performance-based , check out their advanced Rewired 3:2 Zip wetsuit!

For women, the O’Neill Bahia 3:2 is a perfect summer suit that is finished with all the quality trimmings of a decent suit.

For an incredibly affordable summer suit, the O’Neill reactor is your best option and is available in men’s, women’s, kids and infant sizes!

Winter Wetsuits

If you’re on a budget and require a winter wetsuit, truth be told there aren’t many suits that are more affordable than this one! Your next best bet would be the Typhoon Storm 5:4 back zip wetsuit or the women’s chest zip version.

If you’re looking for a more advanced wetsuit, there is plenty of choice and the world is pretty much your oyster - it all depends on what you want from your suit.

A go-to winter wetsuit for warmth is Xcel Comp which is engineered to offer peak warmth in the sea. For flexibility, the O’Neill Hyperfreak 5:4 suit is a firm favourite amongst surfers; for both these suits, you need to get out the extra cash, though!

If you prefer the fit that C-Skin offers, check out the C-Skin Session chest zip wetsuit range!

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Available Thicknesses


The C-Skins Legend wetsuit series is available in various thicknesses, from summer all the way to winter! It can have you covered all year round, whether you are a fair-weather surfer or looking for something thicker for the UK’s coldest months!

On our site, we have the range in men’s sizes in the thicknesses:

3:2 - Ideal for the height of summer.
4:3 - great for using between the end of April and the start of November.
5:4 - a must have for UK winters.

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The C- Skin Legend wetsuit series is available in a range of sizes, including men’s and kids.

Unfortunately, the C-Skin Legend range isn’t available in women’s sizes. However, we do stock the C-Skin Surflite ladies wetsuit series that has all the qualities offered in the C-Skin Legend wetsuit! It is essentially the same suit and at an affordable price too!


As the largest providers of children’s wetsuits in the UK, we have a variety of kids sizes on offer. Not only do we stock the C-Skin Legend kids wetsuit in a 4:3, but we also have it in 5:3 and a 5:4 thickness too!

If you are ever unsure about sizing, feel free to get in contact with us! We have over 10 years of online sizing experience and plenty of advice to offer! You can also take a look at our size guide!

If the C-Skin Legend fits your criteria, discover our range of wetsuits today by clicking the link below!

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