A female surfer wearing the Rip Curl E-Bomb E7 4:3 mid-season wetsuit

Being a high-end performance inspired wetsuit, these Rip Curl wetsuits might cost a bit more, but is it worth it? If you’re a serious surfer, we think so and are prepared to tell you why!

Created in collaboration with some of the best surfers in the business, every part of this wetsuit is designed and engineered to make sure you can move fluidly, remain warm and stay light on your board! Each advantage means you have the potential to improve your performance and extend your surf time!



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    The Rip Curl E-Bomb in a Nutshell


    Rip Curl has worked with some of surfing’s top athletes to create the latest product in the series, the E7. A three-year collaboration with team riders Gabriel Medina, Tyler Wright and Mick Fanning, high-stretch neoprene is at the heart of this wetsuit.

    Curious to know how exactly the Rip Curl E-Bomb can help you enhance your surfing? We explore some of its key features and explain the benefits!

    Zip Free

    One of the most distinctive features of the Rip Curl E-Bomb is its zip free entry system. But what does this actually do, and what advantages does it hold over chest zip and back zip wetsuits?

    The main reason for zip free suits is to ensure maximum movement. Not only is it incredibly comfortable to wear, but it also enhances warmth.

    E6 and E5 Neoprene

    Getting in and out of a zip free wetsuit doesn’t sound the easiest upon first hearing.

    However, thanks to Rip Curl’s specifically-engineered and incredibly stretchy E7, E6 and E5 neoprene, the wetsuit is easy to pull on, fits like a glove and is lightweight. All these benefits ensure that you can move around with ease and remain longer in the water because of the body heat retained by the snug fit.

    Before E6 and E7 neoprene, Rip Curl’s newest development was E5 neoprene. The company believes that the E6 and E7 neoprene is 15% lighter and provides 20% more stretch than the E5 version. Impressive for an already flexible neoprene!

    Most of the wetsuits we feature in this blog feature E5 and E6 neoprene. To read up more about E7 wetsuits, take a look at our blog below.

    Discover more about the Rip Curl E-Bomb E7 wetsuit range

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    Who is the Rip Curl E-Bomb For?


    The Rip Curl E-Bomb range is for serious surfers who want to ensure they have optimum movement while maintaining warmth, extending your sessions in the sea.

    It is on the higher end of the wetsuit scale and is for those who want to ensure they are getting the best quality for their money. If you want a wetsuit with the key purpose of unrestricted movement, this is the one.

    Rip Curl E-Bomb Price

    Being at the higher end of the price scale, you will find that the cost does reflect the suit's technology.

    The 3:2 summer series is definitely one of the more expensive designs on the market. Still, its flexibility makes the price worthwhile for any dedicated surfer who wants ultimate movement in the water.

    Where and When to Use the Rip Curl E-Bomb?

    Our available Rip Curl E-Bomb range is perfect for surfs between April and November in the UK climate.

    What about other places, you may ask? With many of us eager to get travelling again as soon as it is safe to do so, where does the Rip Curl E-Bomb fit in?

    Rather conveniently, it is excellent for most surf destinations across the planet with similar climates to the UK. It is a great companion if you are travelling to surf spots in Europe, including Spain, France and Portugal. The hot weather at these surf locations also means the wetsuit can be used before and after the typical summer season too!

    Alternatives to the Rip Curl E-Bomb Range

    Alternatives to the Rip Curl E-Bomb Range


    As a top-end wetsuit, the Rip Curl E-Bomb is one of the finest wetsuits money can buy, but how does it compare to other wetsuits by Rip Curl, as well as other brands?

    Rip Curl Dawn Patrol

    Another popular Rip Curl wetsuit is the Dawn Patrol series. Another performance-based wetsuit, the Dawn Patrol tends to cost that little bit less.

    With less emphasis on having the influence of professional surfers during the design process, the Dawn Patrol's main difference compared to the E-Bomb is the zip entry.

    The Dawn Patrol is an excellent choice if you aren’t too fussed about having a zip free wetsuit and you want to save a little bit of money.

    The Dawn Patrol is finished with a chest zip. This means that the wetsuit's flexibility isn’t quite the same as a zip free wetsuit but still offers enough movement for performance wetsuits. In fact,, until you try a zip free wetsuit, it is hard to know the difference as chest zip wetsuits are still fantastic.

    Created with durability and flexibility in mind, the Dawn Patrol still has many of the quality features that appear across Rip Curl wetsuits, including E5 neoprene for flexibility and E5 flash lining for warmth.

    If You’re On a Tighter Budget

    If you have a little less money to spend, but still after a reputable wetsuit, there are a few choices out there. It all depends on what you’re willing to pay and how much flexibility you want; just browse through our site to see the best deals!

    The O’Neill Hammer summer series is a fantastic choice if you want a stylish, flexible wetsuit, but with a cheaper price tag than the 3:2 E-Bomb wetsuit. This isn’t a zipless design, but the Ultraflex DS ensures that you still get plenty of mobility.

    Winter Wetsuits

    If you’re looking for a wetsuit focused more on warmth, you may want to consider the Rip Curl Flashbomb. It is the next choice of wetsuit when balancing performance and warmth and should be considered if you are after a winter suit. We have the wetsuit range available in both men’s and women’s sizes.

    One step up from this winter wetsuit is the Rip Curl Heatseeker. It is one of the most advanced wetsuits available, and as the name suggests, it is one to be considered when surfing in some of the coldest conditions.

    Available Thicknesses

    Available Thicknesses


    The Rip Curl E-Bomb comes in a variety of thicknesses, so you have free reign of choosing the one most appropriate for you.

    Here at Wetsuit Centre, we provide the following thicknesses:

    • 2mm Zip Free Short Sleeve- suitable for the height of summer, the short sleeves offer the ultimate flexibility.
    • 3:2 - perfect for surfers who enter the water at the height of UK summers.
    • 4:3 - ideal for those surfing in UK waters between the end of April and the beginning of November. It is great for water temperatures of about 12C to 19C.

    If you’re searching for a winter wetsuit with a 5:4 thickness, you may want to consider the Xcel Phoenix, a model in a similar price range. This wetsuit's flexibility is unbelievable, it’s easy to get on and off and it is a great choice if you’re after something thicker and have some budget to spend.

    Available Sizing of the Rip Curl E-Bomb Wetsuit

    Available Sizing of the Rip Curl E-Bomb Wetsuit


    Here at Wetsuit Centre, you can find the following sizes in the Rip Curl E-Bomb wetsuit range:

    • Men’s sizes- 2mm Zip Free Sleeveless, 3:2, 4:3
    • Women’s sizes- 4:3

    The series is unavailable in children’s sizes. However, great alternatives for kid’s performance wetsuits include the Xcel Youth Comp and the O’Neill Youth Hyperfreak.

    As children grow fast, you may be after something more in budget. In this case, we would recommend either the O’Neill Youth Epic or the C-Skin Legend for children.

    Choosing the correct size of wetsuit can have its challenges online! That's why we have created our ultimate wetsuit sizing guide. If you’re still unsure after reading this, not to worry - one of our friendly team members can help you out!

    CTA button to wetsuit sizing guide

    The Rip Curl E-Bomb is a great choice if flexibility is at the core of your wetsuit requirements! The higher price pays off for those who want optimum warmth in the water while remaining lightweight. Designed and engineered by some of the industry's best surfing professionals, it is hard to go wrong with this performance suit.

    Still have some questions about the Rip Curl E-Bomb or any of the other suits featured on our site? No worries at all, get in touch with us today by calling 01202 302 943 or drop us an email at [email protected]