Dane Renoylds Leaves Quiksilver

Dane Reynolds No Longer Quiksilver Surfer.

After the recent events surrounding a company re-structure at the giant surfing brand Quiksilver, Dane Reynolds the most prominant free surfer in the world has left. It is believed that the money the brand could offer did not match Dane's expectations. Quiksilver which in recent time has experienced financial difficulties and only a few months ago the US giant went into liquidation. It is believed that a deal is underway for venture capitialist to take over the brand. Quik was once the leading force in surfing and you would see a good level of surfers on the WCT being sponsored by them. Due to the bubble bursting in surfwear this hit Quik hard as the same for the likes of Billabong. A new Quik will be born and here's hoping that they can march into the future stronger.

As for Dane i'm pretty sure he will be snapped up by another brand as his edgy radical surfing is the new face of surfing. Infact it could be said that not being on the world tour and free surfing is far cooler to the younger generation. Given huge commerical brands such as Samsung sponsoring the tour it could be said that the tour is turning into a tennis style tour with big money and super stars. Is this cool? or is the soul of surfing far better with the travelling surfer looking for the perfect waves just to go out and have fun?

This is why we all love to watch surfers like Dane......