O'Neill Epic Wetsuits

Review Of O'Neill Summer Epic Wetsuits

When it comes to having fun in the water the two main things you want is flexibility and warmth. That's why every year the O'Neill Epic range of wetsuits prove to be the best selling wetsuits.

They are constructed by using GBS seams which basically means they are glued and stitched for maximum strength and warmth. This type of construction prevents water from entering through any seams and ensures the seam remains strong. The wetsuit is a 3/2mm of neoprene which means 3mm of neoprene on the body and 2mm on the arms. This is thick enough to keep you warm in water temperatures from 14c upwards. They are also back zip suits which enables you to get in and out of them without to much effort. Using a YK zip this is also designed not to let any water into the suit again keeping you as warm as possible.

It is worth saying that the O'Neill Epic is great for all water sports so if you are a keen surfer or kitesurfer then this multi purpose suit will be perfect for you chosen sport. It is fully super stretch which means when you move the suit moves with you ensuring you do not get tired do to an unflexible neoprene.

O'Neill Mens Epic Wetsuits

The O'Neill men's Epic suits come in both 5mm and 3mm versions so you have a choice of summer or winter. The great thing about the Epic is also the price as for the summer suit being £129 you get all the features of a top end suit at half the price. There is even a firewall lining inside the suit which is a polypro material designed to retain body heat. This is on the chest to keep your core warm. To check out the summer and winter suits click here

O'Neill Womens Epic Wetsuits

The women's range come in a selection of great colours for you to choose from and have all the features of the firewall and super stretch neoprene. If you feel the cold then it is worth considering to buy the winter 5mm version as that will keep you warm all year round. The only time it might be to warm is in the UK summer months of July and August. To see the full range please click here.

O'Neill Kids Epic Wetsuits

Now for children this is the best selling wetsuit that money can buy and is very popular in both 3mm and 5mm as children tend to feel the cold more than adults. It has all the same feautres of the adult versions including the firewall internal polypro neoprene and super stretch material for maximum comfort. The colour ranges are great so you can choose a suit that you will can spot you child in the water with ease. This range is definately worth considering if your child loves to be in the water as long as possible. Check out all the options here.