How A Wetsuit Should Fit And Help With Sizing.

How A Wetsuit Should Fit?

So when thinking about buying a Wetsuit apart from which wetsuit will fit your needs best, sizing is the key factor. So the Wetsuit Centre has produced a video to help you make the right choice, which you can view on this link Wetsuits Advice

If when trying on wetsuits and are unsure of whether you have a good fit here are some helpful tips.

1. If its tight around the legs or arms, don not worry this will loosen after a few uses and is not a sign of an ill fitting wetsuit.

2. For the ladies if it feels tight around the neck fear not as this will also loosen after a few uses, most women don't like the feeling a wetsuit creates around the neck.

3. If there is excess material around the back above the bum this is a sign that the wetsuit is to big and will fill with water around the kidneys which will make you cold.

4.If the material is pulling down on your shoulders and you can see the silver showing through the wetsuit is to small and you will need to increase in size.

5. If the wetsuit is over sized on the arms and legs in length but you have the perfect fit in the body then two things you may need to try a short model in that wetsuit for a perfect fit. If the brand does not make a short version then fear not it will not effect the warmth of the wetsuit at all.

Hope this small article has been of some help