How to take care of your Wetsuit

Wetsuit users usually think that if you rinse it off with fresh water and hang up, you're doing everything you should to improve your wetsuits life. Almost but there are other things you can be doing

A good wetsuit nowadays with all the new technology can be expensive. The investment can easily reach the £400 so you should treat your wetsuit with as much care as possible. If you use your wetsuit 100 days per year plus, it's easy to understand how much pressure you're putting in the neoprene.

Salt, sun rays, urine, sand and frequent stretching. Wetsuits are always working for you and, therefore, after you have spent so much money a little more care is a must. That means a special kind of shampoo for neoprene wetsuits.

Wetsuit cleaner and conditioner is the best way to ensure your Wetsuit will live a couple of years more. Products such as O’Neill wetsuit cleaner & Rip Curl wetsuits cleaner named ”piss off”” work as disinfectant and cleaning catalysts, by eliminating all small offensive particles. It's like a soap specifically designed for wetsuits.

Remember that hot waters destroys the wetsuit flexibility and that you should dry it inside out. Never wash your wetsuit in the washing machine or put it in a tumble dryer and dry it indoors, as quickly as possible and away from sunlight.

No ironing or drying machines, of course. Also, always use a plastic bag to put your wetsuit on.
Looking after your wetsuit requires patience, but it is worth it. You will get more life out of the wetsuit in the long term saving you a bit of money, and will feel a better to your skin whenever you put it on.

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