Bic 8ft4 Magnum Surfboard Review

Bic surfboards have been around now for many years; they sell really well for us and have done so for many years. These surfboards are renowned for being super durable because of their indestructible construction. The board is made from a hardwearing plastic, which is then injected with foam to make the surfboard more buoyant. Due to the hard waring nature of these boards they are ideal for beginners and children. If you smash the nose into the sand, the nose won’t dent, or crack unlike a conventional glassed surfboard. Even though the Bic surfboards are geared towards the learner market, we do see surfers of all abilities using these boards in the water. They are relatively cheap, which is ideal if you want to buy a surfboard which has more volume to pick up the smaller summer waves.

The Bic Magnum is a surfboard which ideal for the waves here in the UK. It has lots of volume to offer and has a really nice Mini Mal shape. The Magnum’s nose is wide which follows through to the body of the surfboard to provide great float. Also the thickness of the surfboard is over 3 inch thick which is plenty of volume to make paddling, take off and standing up a breeze.

Buy one of these board for under £300 here

Jeff talks through the board via our You Tube Channel