O'Neill Jack O'Neill Legend Wetsuit Range

O'Neill Jack O'Neill Legend Wetsuit Range

Well Jack O'Neill dedicated his life to helping us all stay in the water for longer by making the best wetsuits ranges in the world. Jack O'Neill never stopped pushing the boundaries of what is possible and this drive has led to all water sports enthusiasts benefiting from being able to be in the water in warm and flexible wetsuits. 

The O'Neill Jack O'Neill Legend wetsuit has been developed using all the very latest technology on offer to bring you some of the very best suits ever made. The Legend suit features the all new Technobutter 3 neoprene which has to be said is the most amazing material we have ever used. It feels almost like a clothing garment to the touch and when on it's almost as if you are not wearing a suit at all. The flexibility even in the thickest suits is incredible and because it is full on air the suit is extremely warm. Air in neoprene is the best conductor of heat and thus you stay warmer for longer.  So in a nut shell if you want a limited edition suit (only 300 made) that is quite possibly the best suit we have ever used then it is certainly worth considering a purchase.

The suit is avaliable in 3.5mm, 4.5mm and 5.5mm thickness so no matter how cold the water you are going in you will have the warmest wetsuit.

Let's take a look at some of the features of the new range.


  • Individually numbered commemorative interior graphic
  • Heritage 'animal' inspired exterior logos
  • TB3 Composite:
    • Front & Back= TB3 + Air Insulation + TB Firewall
    • Arms & Barrier = TBX3 + Envy Foam
    • Low legs & Outer shoulder = TB3 + Envy Foam
  • Red super seam weld
  • Front upper zip entry


New pre-stretched neoprene with featherlight, ENVY foam rubber core.  The lightest, softest material ever created.  Superior flexibility and fit.


Front Upper Zip Entry (chest) uses a free floating zipper panel and anti flush barrier with drain holes to keep you dry and feeling loose.


Insane flexibility, fit and durability using a unique design which utilises larger panels and less seams.


The most advanced insulative neoprene available.  Trapped air technology with quick dry and wind proof properties.  Psychotically warm.


8mm Silicone-based urethane sealed exterior with a triple-glued an blind stitched interior.  Watertight, durable, and ultra flexible seam.