Ripcurl E-Bomb E6 Wetsuit Review

What are the two things surfers want from a wetsuit? Freedom of movement and warmth. It can be hard to find a wetsuit that does both, most suits either have one or the other or a slight mixture of the two.

However, Rip Curl has released a new range of wetsuits that bring both of those things together perfectly without losing the effectiveness of the suit. The all new Rip Curl E Bomb E6 Zip Free 5/3mm winter wetsuit is incredible in terms of flexibility and warmth.

Ripcurl's new E6 range allows you to perform all the tricks you wanted without getting cold

Zips can make getting the wetsuit on and off easier but it does have a few disadvantages. One being it does restrict your movement and prevent you from using all of your body. This is when having a zip free suit comes in. If you don't have a zip to restrict your movement, you have complete freedom. The more freedom you have, the better the fit and the warmer the suit.

Every surfer's nightmare is busting a seam. They are a pain to fix and if you are by the sea it can leave you in a bit of predicament. So Ripcurl have come up with a solution, tape over the main stress points. It's simple in theory but makes a massive difference. The main stress points on a suit are the crotch, chest and knees. This means that there is increased strength and durability of the neoprene so, hopefully, seam busting will be thing of the past.

The taped seams prevent embarrassing situations or sea-side wetsuit rescue

The seams themselves are impressive. All of the seams are triple glued and double stitched. They wanted to make sure they strong enough. This method of stitching means the stitches provide higher strength, better stretch and better water proofing.

The E-Bomb E6 has a new type of neoprene called E6 ThermoFlex which is the stretchiest material and also one of the warmest. The lining covers the whole of the inside of the suit without adding thickness and not compromising on freedom of movement.

The Ripcurl E – Bomb E6 is being marketed as a second skin it is that comfortable, Ripcurl's words, not mine. The best way to test out this theory is to try out the suit yourself.

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