Keypod Key Safe Competition

Do you find you are hiding your vehicles keys under the wheel arch while you go for a surf? Many people hide their keys under the wheel arch, this is the first place thieves will look. If you have a vehicle with central locking you can’t take the key in the water so you are left with no choice but to hide the key. We sell a product which offers a solution to this problem and ensures thieves won’t steal your keys, or your valuables from your vehicle. This device is called the keypod, it’s a simple lockable storage device which secures to the underside of your vehicle. The lock is like a pad lock which has a combination key code system. You can choose a code to unlock it and to secure the keypod simply swivel the numbers to any random sequence and it locks. It’s really that simple.

The compartment is enough to store a set of keys, it is weather resistant, and the whole device is made from steel so it’s very robust. We have used and tested this product for many years and we love it. We have used the keypod at surfing destinations like Morocco, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and Chile.

We suggest every water sports enthusiast should own a keypod, at only £19.99 is a cheap way to secure your personal belongings.

We are giving away keypods to a lucky few, if you would like to win a Keypod visit our Facebook page and answer this question. Which stance does Kelly Slater use?

Competition ends 31/07/12