O'Neill Winter Wetsuits Epic & Superfreak Review 2017

Which O'Neill Wetsuit To Buy For Winter 2017

O'Neill Epic Winter Wetsuits - Budget Up Too £150

The O'Neill Epic range of wetsuits covers Men, Women and Children and is the most cost effective way to have a very high quality and warm suit. It was always considered to be an entry level wetsuit due to the price being so good. Nowadays it could not really be considered as entry level due to the high level of construction.

Firstly it uses 100% super stretch neoprene which basically means when you move the suit stretches with your movement. This gives two major benefits in that one you will be less tired whilst in the water and the better it fits to your body the warmer you will be in the water.

They are all back zip suits which makes it very easy to get in and out off which is a bonus when it is cold. The zip is a YKK zip which is designed to keep the water out of the zip area and prevent flush through. Their is a handy zelcro piece of material at the top of the neck so you can seal the neck minimising water intake. The knee pads are duraflex material which is very hard wearing and stop you wearing through the knees through usage. It also features a polypro thermal panel on the chest which is designed to retain your body heat in the suit thus keeping you warmer. It has smooth skin othe a front panel and rear which is basically a smooth panel designed to stop the cold wind getting into the suit.

The thickness of the suit is 5mm of neoprene on the body and 4mm on the arms, this type of thickness is designed to keep you warm in water temperatures as low as 6C. So in UK waters this is the perfect suit. A lot of people also wear the 5mm version in the summer too, if they feel the cold. It is also considered to be a multi purpose suit which can be worn for a water sports or any activity that takes you into the water in the winter months.

The O'Neill Epic suits are by far the most popular selling wetsuit that O'Neill had to offer, due to the great quality construction and use in so many water sports.

So in summary this is a really good suit to be comfortable and warm not matter what the weather.

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Our star rating out of 5 stars ----- 4.5 Stars 


O'Neill Superfreak Wetsuits Range - Budget Up To £180

As with the Epic suits the Superfreak range is available for Men, Women and Children. The major difference is the these are all chest zip suits. You may ask what is the benefit of having a chest zip over a back zip wetsuit? Well there is no doubt they are much more difficult to get in and out of as effectively you are climbing in through the neck entry area. Saying that once you have got used to popping one shoulder in first then the other it comes second nature. 

The major benefit of the chest zip is for one with there not being a zip at the back you have complete movement in the suit without any restriction. this also helps to keep you warmer as the back fit is so much better. The other benefit is that as the zip is far smaller than a back zip there is less chance of water entering the suit and making you cold.

Superfreak wetsuits are fast becoming one of the most popular selling suits that O'Neill has to offer and is only out sold by the Epic range. Chest zip wetsuits are most popular with surfers and surface water sports. If you get serious about being in the water then most people with to chest zip entry. It just feels so much better when you are in the water.

As with the Epic the construction is 100% super stretch neoprene and 5mm of neoprene on the body 4mm on the arms. It also features polypro thermal lining inside the suit which retains your body heat and keeps you warmer. Perfect for those very cold days it also has smooth skin panel on the front of the suit design to stop cold winds blowing through the neoprene.

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