O'Neill has got you covered in rubber.

O’Neill is rolling out a brand new method of rubberized covering for its Gooru range of wetsuit boots and gloves. This coating provides coverage for the entire wetsuit boot, or wetsuit glove in a fluid rubber. The goods in the final phase of production are essentially immersed in liquid rubber to create an impassable seal. All of the seals on the wetsuit gloves or boots are merely engrossed in the rubber coating to deliver an air and leak-proof seal.

The concept powering this kind of fresh development is the glove or the wetsuit boot retains less water because of its air tight vacuum. Putting on wetsuit gloves and boots which are water logged can be a discomfort as a result of excess weight. Attempting to paddle with surplus water often means using much more energy when attempting to surf. Putting on winter wetsuit equipment isn’t enjoyable in the better of occasions, therefore any kind of weight-loss is actually delightful.

Jeff from the wetsuit centre clarifies thoroughly how these items are produced and exactly what advantages they give.