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We’re always excited to hear from people looking to enjoy surfing for the first time, or take their waves to the next level. Whether you’re a first-time surfer or someone who is on the water every week, we have a fantastic selection of surfboards for all abilities here at Wetsuit Centre!

We often get asked about the best beginner surfboards, as many options are available. Ultimately, you want to find the right balance between price and performance. When it comes to great value surfboards, one of the most popular brands is Oxbow, so we’ve taken a closer look to help you make the right choice for your surf.

Are Oxbow Surfboards Good?

Oxbow surfboards are a great choice for beginners or those that have been riding foamies but want to step up to something more intermediate.

Oxbow surfboards were previously known as Bic, which had established themselves as go-to choices for beginner surfboards for well over a decade. These boards are by the same people, just under a new name.

There are two main reasons why these boards are a great choice for those starting out or still learning the ropes:

  • Durability - Oxbow surfboards are tough and reliable, perfect for throwing onto and into waves while learning turns and tricks.
  • Functionality - Oxbow boards are designed to maximise your time on the wave, finding a balance between manoeuvrability and balance that suits those still getting to grips with surfing.

Perhaps the biggest selling point, particularly for those just starting out, is the price. Oxbow boards offer excellent value for money, meaning they’re a solid choice for anyone who wants to get a taste of the waves.

What is the Best Length Oxbow Surfboard?

Oxbow surfboards are available in different lengths, each offering you a slightly different surfing experience.

  • 5'10 Oxbow Fish Surfboard
  • 7'0 Oxbow Egg Surfboard
  • 7'3 Oxbow Mini Malibu Surfboard
  • 7'9 Oxbow Malibu Surfboard

As a general guide, beginners (and those that don’t intend to surf very often) should look at using a bigger board. Shortboards are good for advanced turns and barrelling waves, but the larger boards with bigger volume offer more float and stability, making it easier to catch and ride waves for longer.

Your size and weight will impact what board you choose. Ultimately, you want a board that supports you as you master popping to your feet and turning.

Below, we go into each of these boards in more detail, highlighting their advantages to help you pick the right one for you.

5'10 Oxbow Fish Surfboard Review

The Oxbow Fish is a reliable, durable surfboard, perfect for beginners and intermediates. Its shape is designed for volume and control, allowing it to provide incredible ease of use along with a high level of performance.

The Oxbow Fish surfboard comes with a three-fin setup with FCS M5 fins, perfect for those that just want to get in the water and enjoy the waves.

At 5 foot 10 inches, this surfboard is a good choice for beginners or intermediates looking to step down to a shorter board. It’s also a great option for more experienced riders that want a shorter board to enjoy during the summer.

5'10 Oxbow Fish Surfboard

7'0 Oxbow Egg Surfboard Review

If you’re looking for an all-round board, you can’t go far wrong with the Oxbow Egg. This surfboard has a really wide nose and tail (hence the ‘egg’) and a high volume at 51L, which offers riders unbeatable paddle take-off and wave catching while still offering great manoeuvrability.

This surfboard is available with a three fin or quad-fin setup, allowing you to configure the board to your surf style as you develop.

Out of all Oxbow’s surfboards, the Egg is neatly positioned as a beginner-to-intermediate option thanks to its position between shorter and longer options. The Egg is also popular with experienced surfers thanks to its ability to catch even small waves.

7'0 Oxbow Egg Surfboard

7'3 Oxbow Mini Malibu Surfboard Review

Oxbow’s Mini Malibu board is another great option for those who want an all-round board. With a classic mini mal shape, it’s designed to work for those just starting out while also offering enough performance to be enjoyable for more advanced surfers.

The Mini Malibu comes with a standard three fin setup which will offer you control and performance. While it has a slightly lower volume than the Oxbow Egg, it’s built from the same tough materials, making it a perfect board for trying new moves.

7'3 Oxbow Mini Malibu Surfboard

7'9 Oxbow Malibu Surfboard Review

If you’re looking for a beginner’s surfboard that offers great stability, you won’t find many better than the Oxbow Malibu. Longboards naturally offer excellent flotation due to their high volume, but Oxbow’s user-friendly and functional design takes it to another level.

The Malibu is a great choice for beginners and those that want to enjoy down the line surfing. If you’re a bigger surfer, this board will also offer you good flotation that you might not find in smaller boards.

As with the whole Oxbow range, the Malibu is built to last, offering incredible durability thanks to its robust design. It also comes with a three-fin setup.

7'9 Oxbow Malibu Surfboard

As you can see, the Oxbow range isn’t just for beginners who are looking to surf a few times in the summer; thanks to its incredible functionality and longevity, it can offer great rides for people of all abilities! Ultimately, they are just enjoyable boards, and we would recommend them to anyone looking for a good value option.

If you have any other questions about what surfboard is right for you, feel free to contact a member of our team – we’re happy to help! Alternatively, our surfing blog is full of tips and advice.

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