5 Places in the UK with the Best Ocean Wildlife

Across the UK, you can enjoy an assortment of marine wildlife that makes itself at home in our local waters. We hope that by the end of this article, you’ll be in your wetsuit, ready to dive in and discover the plethora of life that lives by the waves.

Brown rock coastline

Best Places in Scotland to Spot Ocean Wildlife

If you’re looking to enjoy the Scottish coast and all it has to offer, we highly recommend you take a boat trip out to the sea, guided by an expert who can explain all about the local marine animals and birds you will encounter!

Isle of Skye

If you’re looking to explore some wildlife in Scotland, you’ll want to wander over to the Isle of Skye. Skye is rich and diverse in its marine ecosystem; you’ll be nothing short of amazed as you watch the Minke Whale and Common Dolphin make for their usual course around the coast.

Moray Firth

Being Scotland’s largest bay, Moray Firth is home to an array of important habitats! During the summer months, you’ll notice an army of seabirds rearing their young. As you look out to sea, you can also catch sightings of the famous bottlenose dolphins!

English coastline

Best Places in England to Spot Ocean Wildlife

England’s coastline is estimated at 7,723 miles, welcoming an assortment of marine wildlife to make itself at home. Below, we explore some of the best places for you to witness some of these incredible animals.

Blakeney Point

Nothing short of one of the best marine wildlife spots in England, Blakeney Point in Norfolk offers you sights of common and grey seals, not to mention seal colonies during their breeding season, which can reach numbers of over 2,000!

Isles of Scilly

The Isles of Scilly offer ocean lovers a great opportunity to get up close to the action.

To explore the coast in greater detail, you can join a snorkelling expedition with the local colony of grey seals and witness them in their natural environment.

Llanddwyn island lighthouse

Best Places in Wales to Spot Ocean Wildlife

Wales is well known for its gorgeous coastline, dotted with an array of lovely little towns and hamlets; discover more about the Welsh coastline as we discuss one of the best places to explore its marine wildlife.

Cardigan Bay

Home to the largest pod of dolphins in the British Isles, Cardigan Bay is the place to be from April to November! You’ll find bottlenose dolphins and harbour porpoises enjoying the Welsh coastline, as well as grey seals and much more!

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