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C-Skins is a British wetsuit brand that was created by Carey Brown in 1997. Inspired by the elements and conditions of the sea, C-Skins aim to combine passion and innovation so you can get the most out of your surfing experience and push your limits.

If you're on the lookout for a women's or men's winter wetsuit, we highly recommend taking a look at the C-Skins range!

Tips for Buying a Winter Wetsuit

When buying a winter wetsuit, the main things to look out for are,

  • Thickness
  • Size
  • Price
  • Materials

These crucial sectors can make or break your expeditions out to sea, and we want to make sure that you make the right choice. Before we begin reviewing the C-Skin winter wetsuits, we wanted to offer some tips to consider when making your purchase.

The Perfect Wetsuit Fit

Wetsuits, unfortunately, are not a one size fits all deal. You need to know your measurements to assure safety and comfort is optimised. Take a look at our guide on how to size wetsuits for men, women and children here.


If you’re unsure what thickness you need for your winter wetsuit, opt for a 5/3. A 5mm wetsuit will often be thick enough to get you through the winter, although you might want to invest in accessories such as a wetsuit hood or gloves for the coldest months.

If you’re deeply affected by the cold during the winter, we advise getting a thicker wetsuit, but if you can cope with the cold conditions, you might want to reduce thickness to allow for better mobility.

Winter Wetsuit Accessories

Accessories are necessary when surfing during the winter. To improve your overall experience with your water sport, a single pair of boots could drastically reduce discomfort and conserve heat.

And what about when your session has ended? We have buckets of accessories ranging from sturdy backpacks to thick towels that can make every beach day feel special.

Now, let us review some C-Skins wetsuits that are perfect for the waves to come.

C-Skins Rewired Hooded

Splash into this winter with the Rewired 6/5/4mm Hooded wetsuit. This high-performing piece of tech provides enough insulation to survive the wrath of winter as it is constructed with Diamond Flex neoprene for insulation, flexibility, and overall comfort.

One of the reasons people continue to purchase C-Skins wetsuits is the advanced freedom of movement. Due to the Thermotech lining and breathable materials, you can move freely without the worry of obstructing your motion during surfing.

This solid piece of equipment will most likely become an essential part of any venture towards the water during the winter season!

C-Skins Wired

Winter is coming, and the C-Skins new and improved Wired wetsuit is ready to answer the call. Due to the incredible innovations accomplished to improve the overall effectiveness of the Wired line, they have some new perks to show off.

Halo RD8 neoprene has been infused with the torso to cover sections that had previously been left untreated. This specific feature is highly noticeable on the initial impact and retains its warmth during your entire session.

Furthermore, the Iris II Closure system has been fused with the Enigma 3 chest zip for greater protection and resilience.

In terms of thickness, this machine is available at 4/3mm so might work best for those who have more experience surfing through the seasons. However, you can also accompany it with further protection, like wetsuit boots, hoods and rash vests.

C-Skins Adventure

The C-Skins Adventure wetsuit is built to deal with harsher terrains, making it perfect for all those thrill-seekers!

This C-Skin alteration demonstrates incredible durability due to added material across the areas that have the most contact with the surface. For example, by adding Dura Flex material to the elbow, you can now pull yourself up onto rocks without risk of damage.

By reducing the effects of wear and tear, this incredible wetsuit is enforcing not only protection but longevity, enabling the wearer to enjoy their adventure for years to come.

Check out the whole range of C-Skins before winter hits by clicking below.

C Skins Wetsuits

C-Skins Legend Winter Wetsuit Review 2021

Now to introduce the Legend itself. As we mentioned at the start, some of the critical things to consider when purchasing a winter wetsuit include thickness, materials and size. The Legend goes above and beyond to provide these essential properties with various of enhancements to their seams and zip.

The primary selling point for the Legend wetsuit is stitch and welded seams for extra protection. This neat trick provides additional protection against incoming water, allowing you to spend more time in colder water without losing insulation and discomfort.

Another exciting attribute of the Legend is the smooth-skinned panel with single lined neoprene to protect against wind penetration. This wetsuit is awesome for those who are often knocked by sudden gusts of cold wind once leaving the sea or surfing the waves. Additionally, the zip is specially treated to resist corrosion.

This Legend has indeed proven itself to be a great addition to any winter bucket list, and we hope that you enjoy using it in the water!

For more information, check out our in-depth review below.

C-Skin Legend Wetsuit Review

Advice for Surfing in Winter

We hope that everyone is looking forward to the beautiful winter days to come. Still, we want to remind our readers that although these wetsuits can drastically help manage the cold, everyone should still be careful:

  • Remember to stay safe when in open water
  • Know your limits
  • Don’t dive or jump into freezing water
  • Control your breathing

And most importantly, remember to wear a suitable wetsuit!

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