Review Of Red Paddle Inflatable Sup's

Review And Test Of The Red Paddle Inflatable.

Having now taken the Red Paddle out a few times i can admitt i am a complete convert to the whole Sup experience. his review is based on the first time i used the 10ft 6 inflatable Sup.

What Comes With The Red Paddle Sup?

Ok, so the Red Paddle comes in a very handy wheel based carry case which also has straps so if you so desire you can carry it like a back pack. Inside the bag you find a double barreled pump, the Sup rolled up and clipped together, a water proof case for either a wallet or phone etc, a handy repair kit, 3 piece paddle and a leash.


How To Set Up Your Red Paddle?

I can admitt to never being a fan of Sup with the opinion that it looked boring and was such a hassle to transport and store a hard Stand Up Paddle Board. Inflatable seemed like a solution to my adversity of the hassle part of the sport, so i grab a 10'6 board and decided on a sunny day it was worth a go.

Firstly i tested the board on a nice day with very little wind, so you could consider these to be ideal conditions. After taking the board out of the bag you simply roll it out and attach the pump to the value at the back of the board. Pumping due to the double barrel set up on takes about 5 minutes which i was very suprised about as i was expecting to be there for a while before it was fully inflated. The pump has a green section pressure guide on the top of the pump to acheive the best level but it has to be said i think this setting is wrong as you simply can't get it to that level as no more air will go in and trust me i have tried. So, just before that green level is where it is perfect and very ridged. Then take the three piece paddle and simply clip them together and adjusting to your height setting. Right ready to get on the water.

The board is light weight especially up to the hard board versions and has a handy handle in the middle making it easy for you to get to the water. Once up and riding i was really surprised how ridged the board was and how much distance you can cover in such a small amount of time. A few paddles each side and it was very good in not veering in one direction. It is also easy to adjust your paddle whilst you are out on the water. The board just not bounce or bow at either end when going over choppy areas. Again this is a massive plus point in terms of performance and your paddling pleasure. I really was taken aback as to the easy of set up, to carrying the board to water and fun whilst out there.

Once back to deflate you press the valve and all the air is out with a few minutes which again very much surprised me. It's then a case of rolling it back up while continuing to let out the last few bits of air. Clip the rolled board together and put it back in the bag ready for the next time.

What is the Red Paddle Sup Like on Choppy Waters?

Recently i have taken the board out on winder days on the sea in choppy conditions and the board again is ridged and stable but for me this is not the best conditions but did want to test how ridge the board was. The board did remain stable and did not buckle or make it uncomfortable to paddle. I have to say though for me it's all about flat conditions on warm days either on the sea or rivers.

How Did The Red Paddle Rate Overall?

I have to admitt the Red Paddle has converted me to the whole idea of Sup in terms of being able to get out on the water on flat days and a great way to keep fit by having fun. I would rate the whole package as a 9/10 and that's a totally honest opinon of my experience this summer.

1. The price is very good compared to the hard boards,

2. its very easy to store and transport.

3. It's light and so no problems moving it to the water.

4. Great on the water and no great difference to riding a hard board.

Hope this review has been helpful but for more advice please feel free to call us at Wetsuit Centre Tel 01202 302943