Review Of O'Neill Epic Winter Wetsuits

O'Neill Epic Wetsuit Review

When it comes to buying a wetsuit for all water sports and wanting a god alround suit that won't break the bank then O'Neill Epic wetsuits is one of the best choices on the market.

The reason for it being such a good buy is that for one it is priced under £140 for a Men's or Ladies suit in winter and under £105. It is a back zip suit so very easy to get on and off which is a major benefit for first or occasional water sports users. You can also use it for such a wide range water sport such as surfing, sailing, windsurfing, kiting and SUP. The entire suit is now 100% super stretch so you benefit from easy movement and better warmth. In terms of thickness the winter version is 5/4mm which means a body thickness of neoprene of 5mm and 4mm on the arms. So if you are looking for a winter wetsuit then the 5mm version is what you need to buy. If you are only going in the water in summer months then the 3/2mm wetsuit is the desire thickness you should buy. This also means 3mm on the body and 2mm of neoprene on the legs.

Jeff from the Wetsuit Centre runs through all the key features and benefits of the Epic and what they will mean to you in the water.