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Here at Wetsuit Centre, we pride ourselves on our great range of water sports equipment and our helpful customer service. When a customer asks our staff which suit we recommend for a beginner summer surfer, our immediate thoughts go to the O'Neill Reactor wetsuit range.

Whether you've recently got into surfing or you've been on your board for a while, O'Neill wetsuits are renowned for pioneering technology within the wetsuit industry. Since 1923, the company has been providing high-quality wetsuits for all levels of ability, ranging from aspiring surfers to professionals.

Throughout O'Neill wetsuits, you can experience their values as each suit demonstrates a maximum stretch and ability to allow surfers to comfortably stay in the water for longer.

Here at Wetsuit Centre, we stock a great range of O'Neill Wetsuits, so you'll be sure to find the perfect high tech and durable suit for you, with an affordable price tag too!


O'Neill Epic Wetsuit Review


O'Neill Wetsuits

O'Neill has produced wetsuits for the whole family for many years. They strike the perfect balance of being cost-effective and high quality, so you won't need to break the bank to get your hands on a solid suit.

After reading our review, it will come as no surprise that the O'Neill Reactor is their best overall entry-level suit, not to mention it's their bestselling, too!

Their popularity has gained a lot of momentum because of their use of high-quality neoprene and affordable pricing, so you can be sure you and your family's suits will last season after season.


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O'Neill Wetsuit – Reactor II Range

The O'Neill Reactor II range is available to buy in various different shapes and sizes to suit your surfing season. The full suit is predominantly recommended for the UK summer seasons but can be worn for most weather conditions.

The Reactor II line is available as a:

· 3/2 Full suit
· 1.5mm Sleeveless suit
· 2mm Shorty
· 15mm Wetsuit Top

So whatever your personal surfing preference and cold threshold, you'll be sure to find the right style suit for you.

You can also find suit sizes for:

· Girls
· Boys
· Youths
· Men
· Women

So each member of the family will be able to own one of these high-tech and affordable suits!


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O'Neill Reactor II Wetsuit Review

The Reactor line has been updated over the years, making way for the Reactor II line! This new adaptation of the original provides maximum performance and comfort for both new and experienced surfers.

Check out our video review below by Jeff from Wetsuit Centre. Here he'll talk you through the features of one of our most popular wetsuits: The Reactor II 2021.

O'Neill Wetsuit - Reactor II 3/2 Full Suit

The O'Neill Reactor II 3/2 full suit will quite comfortably tick all the boxes for your wetsuit needs. The design has incorporated some impressive, high-tech features that offer you comfort and peak performance.


The suit offers a combination of UltraFlex neoprene and Fluid Foam, so you're not only investing in a high-performance, super-stretch neoprene with a durable outer skin, but you'll also have the addition of a supple but highly durable neoprene that resists abrasion and compression.

Super Stretchy Shoulders and Sleeves

The shoulders and sleeves allow for full, unrestricted upper body movement thanks to its super-stretch neoprene material. The material also includes FluidFlex, an ergonomically-designed seamless undersleeve panel that provides chafe-free movement.

Flatlock-Stitched Seams

The seams are durable and use a flatlock stitch that's hard-wearing and comfortable. A flatlock stitch is created by two pieces of the material double stitched together to minimise water intake.


The back-zip is a specially-treated waterproof YKK zip that is non-corrosive and won't block up or be damaged by saltwater. Underneath the zip, the suit features a neoprene panel to prevent water from making direct contact with your skin for a much more comfortable experience when in the water.

Neck Seal

The Reactor II also comes with a double neck seal that can easily be adjusted to ensure the wearer will have the best possible fit without worrying about rashes due to the comfortable and soft material.

Another impressive feature the suit offers is its watertight neck area that will keep you dry while surfing.

Krypto Knee Pads

The suit also provides the wearer with Krypto knee pads; this ergonomic feature offers high stretch and abrasion-resistant panels that will protect your knees and suit from damage.

What Surf Season Should the O’Neill Reactor II 2021 Be Used in?

This suit is perfect to use throughout the summer months, although it can be worn for most weather conditions, excluding the peak of the winter season.

The Reactor II offers great all-around performance and is perfect for beginners. You'll struggle to find such a high-tech suit at such an affordable price!

For more information about O'Neill suits, or even wetsuits in general, contact a member of our team here at Wetsuit Centre. We also regularly update our blog with our latest top tips and advice, which you can browse through to find out about surf spots and more wetsuit reviews!


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