O'Neill Reactor Wetsuit Review 2016

O'Neill Reactor Summer Wetsuits Review 2016

When people ask what is the best selling wetsuit for summer the one suit that immediately springs to mind is the O'Neill Reactor wetsuits range. 

O'Neill Reactor Full 3/2 Suits.

Let's take a look at why this suit is so popular for men, women and children. Firstly the full suit which means it has long arms and legs is pretty much the best price suit that money can buy. Not only is it well priced but for the money you really do get a lot in terms of construction and quality. All the Reactor summer full suits are 3mm of neoprene on the body and 2mm on the arms, which is more than enough to keep you warm in the UK from May to October. They are a flat lock construction which means when they put the suit together the two pieces of material are double stitch together on all the seams to minimise water intake in the wetsuit. They are all back zip suits which makes them easy to get on and off even if you are not someone that is in the water often. They are also have smooth skin panels on the chest and kidneys which prevents cool winds making you cold whilst in a wet suit. The range is available in men's, women's and kids suits and the neoprene used has good stretch mean you can move freely. The other great thing is that they can be used for pretty much all water sports so you don't need a selection of suits to have a go at different water sports. The flexibility in the suit is at the entry level meaning if you spend more money then the suits become far more flexible and more comfortable. This is a great suit for those that want to be in the water for longer and want something that will last.

O'Neill Reactor Shorties 2mm Suits.

Again these are the best selling shorty wetsuits that we stock for men, women and children. A shortie wetsuit is constructed using 2mm neoprene throughout the suit. The reason they are called shorties is that they don't have full arms or legs. The material comes as far as a tee shirt would on the arms and as lon as a pair of shorts on the legs. They are designed for warmer waters such as the height of the UK summer in July and August to keep you warm and be able to stay in the water for longer than you would normally in a swimming costume. Great for use in surfing, sailing, jet ski and wake boarding to name a few.

Wetsuit Centre Overall Rating For O'Neill Reactors

Price - 5 Stars
Quality - 5 Stars
Flex - 3 Stars
Family Choice - 5 Stars