Rip Curl E Bomb E7 Wetsuit Review

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The Rip Curl E Bomb E7 series is a limited edition, performance-inspired wetsuit range. A key draw to the Rip Curl E Bomb E7 series is Rip Curl's three-year-long working partnership alongside Mick Fanning, Gabriel Medina and Tyler Wright to develop the suit. So, not only has the range been created in consideration of professional surfers, but it has also been improved by them.

In theory, all the requirements of a performance wetsuit should be acknowledged and covered throughout the suit’s design process, which we shall analyse in our blog.

What Advantages Does the Rip Curl E Bomb E7 Have Over Other Suits?

Aside from being engineered by World Champion surfers, what are the other functions and highlights of the wetsuit? More importantly, how does it compare to other suits?

Below, we review each defining feature of the Rip Curl E7 suit and deliberate how it can improve your surf when worn!

Mick Fanning wearing Rip Curl E Bomb E7 series

Zip Free

Once you go to a chest-zip suit, you never return to back-zip again, and the pattern continues for those who try zipless suits after chest-zip wetsuits.

A defining advantage of a zipless seal is the decreased opportunity for unnecessary water to leak into the suit which, in turn, means that the wetsuit will keep you warmer for a longer time.

Therefore, zipless suits prolong the length of surf sessions for the wearer. It is an advantage that many serious surfers, whether advanced or just trying to increase their practice time as much as possible, will require from their wetsuit.

With the advanced technology of zips and seams available in wetsuits at the moment, this may not be a necessity for some people. However, if you are looking for complete security, this may be a feature for you to consider.

Seamless Body Panel

The upper body of the E7 wetsuit series is produced in one body panel. This means there are no seams on either arm of the wetsuit. This aspect not only increases the warmth of the suit but also lessens any restrictions imposed on mobility when in the water, a feature that is necessary for a performance suit.

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Both Light and Warm

A defining feature of the Rip Curl E Bomb E7 wetsuit is that the combination of E7 and E6 neoprene provides a warm and lightweight wetsuit. Below, we explain how this is achieved.

The Flexibility of E7 and E6 Neoprene

The suit has maximum stretch properties which are crucial to getting in and out of the suit without damaging it, as well as offering flexibility.

The Benefits of E7 Neoprene

The highly-developed E7 neoprene constructs the upper body of the wetsuit and offers the advanced neoprene technology required to deliver both stretch and strength.

Rip Curl’s latest development in advanced neoprene is E7, which is known for its extraordinary flexibility and ensures you can react as quickly as possible when in the water.

Not only is the E7 neoprene ideal for ease of movement, but it also offers extreme comfort, meaning you can spend more time at ease in the water.

The Benefits of E6 Neoprene

The main and lower body of the suit is created from E6 neoprene. E6 neoprene was developed to retain warmth in the wetsuit as well as offer the elasticity required for a performance suit.

E6 neoprene is enhanced by an internal thermo-lining which provides the firewall-like warmth that many surfers look for in their suit, all the while remaining lightweight.

Not only do you reduce carrying unnecessary water within the neoprene of the suit and maintain your body temperature better, but it also means you will weigh less on your board compared to less advanced suits.

Rip Curl E Bomb E7 series

Hand-Taped E6 Seams

The E6 taped seams not only provide extra warmth, but they also offer additional support in areas of the suit which may receive more strain, such as the underarm. Again, this adds to the overall durability of the suit, making it a great investment for surfers who spend a lot of time in the water.

What Thicknesses are Available in the Rip Curl E Bomb E7?

Here at Wetsuit Centre, our aim is to offer a variety of wetsuits suitable for a range of surf conditions. We offer the men’s Rip Curl E Bomb E7 in both the 3:2 and 4:3 thickness.

The women’s Rip Curl E Bomb E7 is available in a 4:3 thickness, making it the perfect all-round suit.

For more advice on wetsuit thickness, take a look at our blog on which wetsuit is best for which season?

When and Where Should You Use the Rip Curl E Bomb E7?

The Rip Curl E Bomb E7 series is available in summer and mid-season thicknesses, so the 4:3 suit is ideal for those who surf in UK water from the end of April to around November at water temperatures of around 12C to 19C.

The Rip Curl E Bomb E7 3:2 would also be perfect in most warmer climates and is ideal for those visiting surf destinations across the globe. It would be well suited in destinations around Europe through the warmest months, especially surf breaks in Portugal and Spain, and may even be able to cover you before and after the general summer season.

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What Sizes are Available in the Rip Curl E Bomb E7?

If you are currently looking to buy wetsuits online, we offer a full range of sizes covering both men and women in the Rip Curl E Bomb E7.

Men’s sizes in both the 3:2 and 4:3 are available from small to extra large, including in-between sizes. The women’s version is available from UK size 6 to 14. Each one is subject to availability at the time of purchase.

Hopefully, we have covered all your questions in regards to the Rip Curl E Bomb E7. However, if there is anything we have missed, please feel free to contact us, as we would love to hear from you!