Rip Curl E Bomb E7 Wetsuit Review

Rip Curl's E-Bomb E7 is a limited edition wetsuit; its design is purely inspired by performance. For three years, Mick Fanning, Gabriel Medina and Tyler Wright worked in partnership with Rip Curl to develop the ultimate wetsuit. This wetsuit was not only created considering professional surfers but its design has been pushed even further by being improved by them.

Rip Curl E Bomb E7 Advantages

Aside from being engineered by World Champion surfers, you might be wondering what other benefits this suit has in terms of features and functions and how it compares to other suits.

Below, we review each defining feature of the Rip Curl E7 and how they play a crucial role and impact your surf performance.

Zip Free

That's right; they finally answered our prayers. Once you go zip free, you can't go back.

The defining advantage to a zipless seal is the decreased opportunity for water to seep into your suit, keeping you warmer for much longer.

Zipless suits prolong your surfing session, perfect for those who want to stay out in the water for longer! So, whether you're a pro or you just want to improve your performance and increase your practice time, you might want to check out this suit!

Thanks to the advanced technology and design of zips and seams, you might not consider this an essential feature. But if you are looking for complete security, then this should be something you consider.

Seamless Body Panel

E7's upper body has been designed and produced in a single panel, meaning there are no seams on either arm of the wetsuit. Because of this sleek design, the upper body's warming properties are much higher when compared to other suits.

Another advantage to this seamless design is its increase in mobility and movement when in the water, helping to boost your performance when surfing.

Weight and Warmth of the Neoprene

One of the defining features of the E-Bomb E7 wetsuit is its combination of E7 and E6 neoprene; it provides a warm, lightweight wetsuit.


The suit has a maximum stretch property, crucial for allowing you to get in and out of the suit without inflicting any damage. Its flexibility also offers you freedom of movement, perfect for helping you reach your peak performance.

The highly developed E7 neoprene has been used to construct the upper body of the wetsuit, offering advanced neoprene technology that delivers both stretch and strength. The latest development of the advanced neoprene offers extraordinary flexibility so that you can react simultaneously with the water.

Not only is this neoprene ideal for ease of movement, but it also offers extreme comfort so you can spend more time out in the waves.

For the lower body, E6 neoprene has been utilised. E6 was developed to retain warmth within the wetsuit and offer the required elasticity for a high-performance suit.

The neoprene is enhanced by an internal thermo-lining which provides an almost firewall-like warmth while also being lightweight, making it tick two essential boxes on every surfer's mind.

Not only does its lightweight quality reduce carrying an excess of water within the suit and maintain your body temperature, but it also means you will weigh less on your board, allowing you to go that bit faster!

Hand Taped E6 Seams

The E6 taped seams provide various benefits, including extra warmth, additional support and overall durability, making it a better investment when compared to other wetsuits. The seams are specially tailored to those that want to spend more time in the water.

Rip Curl E Bomb E7 Thicknesses

At Wetsuit Centre, we aim to offer a variety of wetsuits suitable for a range of surf conditions.

The men's Rip Curl E-Bomb E7 is available in both 3:2 and 4:3 thicknesses.

The women's Rip Curl E-Bomb E7 is available in a 4:3 thickness, making it the perfect all-round suit.

For advice on wetsuit thicknesses, check out our blog article on what wetsuit is best for each season or our wetsuit thickness guide.

When & Where Should You Use a Rip Curl E Bomb E7?

The E-Bomb E7 series is available in summer and mid-summer thicknesses, so the 4:3 is ideal for those looking to surf in UK water from the end of April to about November when the water temperature is around 12-19C.

The E-Bomb E7 is also perfect in warmer climates and is ideal for those visiting surf destinations across the globe. The wetsuit is compatible with the warmer months within Europe, especially for surf breaks in Portugal and Spain. They could even cover you before and after the general summer season.

Rip Curl E Bomb E7 Available Sizes

If you're looking to buy a wetsuit online, and Rip Curl's E-Bomb E7 has caught your eye, then you're in luck! The E-Bomb E7 is available in a full range of sizes for both men and women.

Both 3:2 and 4:3 thicknesses are available in a variety of men's sizes from small to large, including in-between sizes.

The women's E-Bomb E7 is available in UK sizes 6-14.

All sizes are subject to availability during the time of purchase.

We hope we've covered all of your questions about the E-Bomb E7. However, if we've missed anything or you'd like to find out more, please get in touch with a member of our team today; we'd love to hear from you!

Rip Curl E-Bomb Wetsuit Review