Rip Curl Flash Bomb Plus

Flash Bomb Plus Wetsuit

If you have had the opportunity to wear last seasons Flash bomb wetsuit, you will be fully aware of how warm this wetsuit is. This is one of the reasons why the flash bomb won this year’s SIMA wetsuit awards. This wetsuit was the first of its kind to use a lining within the wetsuit which dried within 15 minutes and also packed the punches when it came to providing ultimate warmth. We have tried and tested this wetsuit throughout the winter and were pleased on how well it performed in the heat department. It surprised us when Rip Curl announced they were releasing another edition of this great wetsuit, which would surpass the thermal properties of the original Flash Bomb. This latest edition is known as the Rip Curl Flash Bomb Plus.

So what is the big deal?

The Flash Bomb Plus wetsuit isn’t cheap by a long shot, it comes with a £400 price tag. This wetsuit is about super, super warmth. So is the price tag worth it? What’s the difference between the standard version? Firstly the Flash Bomb plus has been constructed with air neoprene. This is a piece of neoprene with notched air pockets, which is then sandwiched with another layer to seal in the air in the notched out pockets. The air, in the pockets basically provides insulation. To add further insulation, the jersey of the neoprene has been lined with titanium which traps in heat for much longer than a conventional jersey. Also the titanium layer doesn’t reduce stretch like other thermal materials, and this new titanium stuff is featured all the way through the wetsuit. With the combination of the air neoprene, titanium lined jersey and the flash dry lining provides warmth to this wetsuit like no other. We are confident that this will be the warmest wetsuit on the market this year. If you really feel the cold and you want a high performance wetsuit, we would suggest paying the extra for the features which are included in the Flash Bomb Plus.

Here's Jeff with a video