Best Value Wetsuit

A really good wetsuit less than £100

C-Skins is a UK wetsuit company which has been making wetsuits for the UK market place for more than Fifteen years. Because the fellas at C-Skins understand UK conditions, they create wetsuits which keep their users warm in the most frigid of waters.

We have just been delivered the brand new seasons C- Skins surflite wetsuits for adults and kids. The men’s and women’s edition are less than £100. The children’s edition is priced at £65 which is brilliant value for money. This excellent price delivers some awesome features.

So why is the C Skins Surflite such a good wetsuit?

Clearly the price is a starting point; a wetsuit which is top quality is actually difficult to find for less than £100. For 4 seasons now we have sold the Surflite and we are incredibly happy with the longevity of the wetsuit. To make sure this wetsuit lasts, C-Skins has spot taped the areas which receive the most stress when putting on and taking of the wetsuit.

To guarantee the wetsuit keeps the body warm, it's glued and blind stitched to make sure that water cannot pass through the stitches. Additionally there is a rubbery material called glide skin. This material is found in the front of the wetsuit and lower back and assists in wicking away water whilst keeping wind chill away.

The actual stretch throughout the wetsuit is extremely reasonable. Situated on the arms you will find the C-Skins high-end neoprene, this truly is great for the paddle zones and overall stretch of the wetsuit. With lots of entry level wetsuits you will find excessive panelling which decreases the stretch from the wetsuit. The Surflite's panelling is actually kept to a minimum; we were amazed to see there was clearly no seam throughout the lower part of the wetsuit.

We think the C-Skins Surflite is actually gonna give the large brand name wetsuits a hard time on the market this year. After all, C-Skins wetsuits are manufactured inside the same manufacturing facility as a number of the big brands like Billabong O’Neill, Rip Curl and Xcel.