Bournemouth coast

Bournemouth Coast


Dorset is a beautiful destination on the south coast of England that attracts many visitors each year due to its reliable weather and stunning scenery.


At first glance, it seems like an unlikely area for good surf with its sheltered south-facing coastline. However, the region is loved by many, and it has a few surf spots on offer, so grab your wetsuit and get exploring!


We feature a handful of surf locations on our list, but there are many more not included in our blog too!


Bournemouth Pier


Bournemouth Pier


Bournemouth is a beautiful coastal town famed for its appealing micro-climate which attracts sun-seekers every year.


The town boasts a variety of beaches, but one of the favoured spots is by Bournemouth Pier.


Conditions and Ability


The spot is close to many reputable surf schools in the area, so it is perfect for first-timers.


Close to the town, there are plenty of amenities close by including parking, toilets and eateries.


Its wave is favoured in the autumn and winter months. It pumps during a south-west swell and northerly wind direction. The spot isn’t tide-dependent, but if you catch it coming in, it tends to be better!


To Be Aware Of


The beach is lifeguarded during the summer season, but popularity is probably its biggest drawback. Many people tend to populate the area, so make sure to be aware of what’s going on around you.






Swanage is an occasional surf break located on the South Coast. The spot offers both left and right-handers.


Conditions and Ability


Another one that is favoured for its winter swell, Swanage is best during offshore winds from the west and swell direction from the southwest.


Ideally, you want to hit the water at low tide. The waves are often described as hollow and small, ideal for intermediate levels. The spot is widely recommended for bodyboarders too.


To Be Aware Of


Swanage can be a crowded break when working. Its most significant danger is submerged rocks, so be aware! The reef location is also renowned for being shallow.




Another spot praised for its fun, but small waves is Boscombe. Offering both left and right peaks, the beautiful golden sand beach is mainly favoured by regular footed surfers who love the right-hander at the pier.


It is home to an artificial reef which was initially introduced to enhance surf conditions. However, its impact on the surf is debatable, and the reef is mainly used by a few dedicated bodyboarders now.


Conditions and Ability


The best surf tends to be around August to October. To get the most out of your time in the water, the surf is best when on an incoming mid-tide. It works on north or north-northeast wind. Swell direction is best on the east to south-easterly wind swells and southwest ground swells.


Boscombe is a favoured location by beginners who are learning how to surf.


To Be Aware Of


Rips are the biggest threat in Boscombe.


We’ve only covered a few Dorset surf sports in our guide, which surf spots are your favourite in the area? Why not share them with the surf community on our social media channels?


If you want to discover more surf locations across the whole of the South West, take a look at our blog below!


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