Wetsuit Centre team member surfing at The Wave

Wetsuit Centre team member surfing at The Wave


You may have noticed on our social media channels that our team at Wetsuit Centre have recently been taking a few trips to ride The Wave in Bristol.

We return to Bournemouth after each visit feeling buzzed on excitement and adrenaline, and we are eager to share our thoughts and experiences with you!

Read on to discover more about The Wave, the sessions on offer and what our team think about the expert and advanced wave!


Wetsuit Centre team member surfing at The Wave


About The Wave

If you’re unfamiliar with The Wave, it is a humanmade wave pool that generates perfect waves for surfers and other watersports enthusiasts to enjoy. 

The Wave Bristol provides surf inland throughout the year. Simply book a session and enjoy a guaranteed surf!

Surfing for Everyone

The Wave is for everybody to enjoy and it is dedicated to making surfing accessible for all.

It regularly works with The Wave Project, an organisation that provides surf therapy to young people. It offers surf sessions as a way to encourage and develop the confidence of young people who may have mental health issues or disabilities. 

Earlier this month, The Wave also hosted the 2020 Korev English Adaptive Surfing Open event in partnership with Surfing England.

Wetsuit Centre team member surfing at The Wave

What to Expect 

There are different levels of wave to try, from beginner to expert sessions, catering for all levels and abilities. The categories include:


• Beginner
• Waikiki
• Intermediate
• Advanced 
• Advanced Plus
• Expert


You can hire your equipment on site, or take your own wetsuit and board. Whether you surf a shortboard, longboard or beginner surfboard, The Wave is open to all types of rider! 


A surf lesson at The Wave


For Beginners

For those who are just starting to learn to surf, The Wave provides expert coaching packages which can help get you started in a safe environment. It can reduce fear by removing the overwhelming feeling of being in open water. 

Improving Confidence in the Water

If you have taken a bit of a break from the water, The Wave is the ideal place to develop and rebuild your confidence amongst consistent surf. Our team member Nikita says-

‘The Wave was a great way to get back into surfing after a long time out of the water. Cool environment, helpful staff and a great day out!’ 

 Wetsuit Centre team member barrelling at The Wave

Perfect Wave Replication

Rides in warmer waters are unfortunately on pause for many of us in the UK. With the world on halt during the pandemic, globe-trotting is currently on hold.

However, if you feel like you can’t possibly wait any longer and are getting antsy for some perfect, Bali-type waves this winter, The Wave is the perfect replication of those top surf spots we love visiting across the world. 

Advanced Vs Expert Wave

Kelvin sums the experience of the advanced and expert experience perfectly in his review: 

‘I surfed both the Advanced and the Expert level. The Advanced was so much fun! It was quite mellow but very good.

‘An incredibly friendly surf with no tension and was well organised, meaning everyone gets a chance, and you catch a good number of waves during your hour session.

‘The Expert level has a spicy take-off with a long wall and plenty of chances to barrel. I would definitely do this level again!’

Jeff also embraced both waves and feels that the expert and advanced wave provided a similar experience. ‘The Expert level was a punchy, quality wave, and the Advanced level was playful and rippable.’

Wetsuit Centre team member surfing at The Wave

More on the Expert Wave

For the expert level, you should definitely expect, and be willing, to take some gnarly wipe-outs due to its tricky take offs.

However, once you make the drop and pull into the wave, Samantha describes her experience as having ‘perfect waves every time, and definitely some of the top waves I have ever surfed! The Expert level has a hectic take-off, but when I did make it, it was insane in the membrane!

 Wetsuit Centre team member wearing a Wetsuit Centre t-shirt at The Wave

Worth It

Some of you may be thinking, ‘hang on, I can surf for free amongst the beauty of the sea!’ 

Well, some of us felt similarly. However, The Wave provides a full session of consistent surf. Nothing is more beneficial when progressing in surfing than surfing itself.

At The Wave, you know you aren’t wasting any time when you get in the water, and it is the perfect way to develop and evolve your style and technique through guaranteed waves.

Our team member Dean is now a Wave Pool convert, stating ‘I was originally put off by the price, but I was very surprised by how good the experience was and I'm very much looking forward to booking my next visit. I surfed the Advanced Plus and the Advanced level, which had consistent and good quality waves which allow for progression.’

 The Wetsuit Centre team at The Wave

What Our Team Think!

Still sitting on the fence on whether to give it a go or not? For more insider knowledge, find out what the rest of our team think about their experience at The Wave:

Este – ‘The Wave was an extraordinary experience! I surfed the Advanced wave, which I found extremely fun. Now I'm looking to get into the Expert wave so I can emulate the Caribbean waves!’


Ant – ‘I surfed the Advanced and the Expert level. I honestly have nothing negative to say as it's a far more reliable option than the sea (especially in Bournemouth). With The Wave, you get the same high-quality wave every time.’


Jeff - ‘The most fun you can have in a swimming pool... legally! A well run, exciting day out - I'll definitely be visiting again soon.’

 The Wetsuit Centre team at The Wave

Are you planning to visit The Wave soon? What wave will you be surfing, and why? Why not let us know how it goes on our social media channels and share your experience with other surfers!

With special thanks to The Wave!