Ben Linden, a 24 year old from Perth, has been killed by a great white while he was surfing in Australia. Police and volunteers searched for Bens remains, but nothing has been recovered. Additionally a search to trace and eliminate the marine predator has been completed that has been not successful.

It has already been the 5th deadly shark attack within the western coastline of Australia in 10 months. It has made the western federal government of Australia demand the protection of the great white shark to become scraped. Norman Moore Western Australia's fisheries minister is going to press for the professional and leisure angling of great whites. Moore is worried how the latest spate of lethal strikes by sharks is going to greatly reduce tourism. Moore states "They have been protected by the Commonwealth and by the state for about 20 years because they were considered to be a threatened species. But there seems to be a view that there's an increase in the number of great whites within our waters in recent times.” "Regrettably, people are being taken by sharks in numbers which we have never seen before.”

The argument is, as surfers go into the shark’s domain so we take the associated risk as we go surfing within waters we understand sharks inhabit. Exactly why is the shark responsible for attacking what it really interprets to be a meal? Many shark strikes aren’t lethal, in reality in many instances the shark might attack then release since they don’t like the flavor of people. Nevertheless, on exceptional instances several varieties of sharks may eat people. Is this fact since their food stocks are generally decreasing as a result of mankind over fishing and perhaps the shark is famished? Because the population of Australia increases as well as the levels of which visit, a lot more people will go into the water. May be the shark population is increasing and thats why there are more attacks? Or perhaps is its because of a lot more people getting into the water which enhances the possibility of attack? Perhaps, it's a mixture of the two?

The solution definetly isnt a brainless cull of the great white; this is exactly what occurred during the 1980's. In those days great white numbers decreased rapidly and they were categorised as at risk and protected. The idea to start professional and leisure angling of great whites appears like one step in reverse, particularly when sharks engage in a crucial role in the ocean ecosystem. Perhaps the sharks should be tagged and be tracked by researcher as well as their numbers managed? Nonetheless, exactly who makes decides on exactly how many sharks really should be within the water? The natural stability among people, natural resources and all ecosystems on the planet is not in balance. Sharks help support the healthiness of marine ecosystems. A balanced marine environment is without doubt relies on sharks inhabiting the ocean.

Shark Water is a superb documentary concerning the results of shark fining as well as the common decrease of sharks has upon the planet. Give this film a watch to see how much of a menace sharks are to mankind.Sharks are regarded as brainless murders, this particular documentary and its film maker Rob Stewart clearly show us otherwise.