New O'Neill Psycho 1 Fall 2012 Wetsuit Review

Jeff from the Wetsuit Centre has an exclusive look at the new O'Neill Psycho 1 wetsuit due for release 2012 - 2013 season. New features include the brand new Technobutter material exclusive to O'Neill Wetsuits.

The O’Neill Psycho 1 wetsuit is making a comeback to O’Neill’s wetsuit range after it was dropped two seasons ago. We had no idea why O’Neill decided to retire this great wetsuit? We have been selling and the Psycho 1 for years with good results. After all these years we had hundreds of happy customers, and we really rated the wetsuit as well. We think O’Neill had to rethink putting this wetsuit into the history books because there was such a demand from retailers and customers to see it return. Thankfully O’Neill have listened to their customers and returned this awesome wetsuit back to the shop floor!

The Psycho 1 has always been a really light weight, high performance and cost effective wetsuit. This wetsuit has always been such a good seller because of these three key features. Being so lightweight made the Psycho 1 a very popular top end wetsuit. For this up and coming winter season O’Neill have added their latest neoprene advancement; Technobutter. Yes, it sounds like a crazy name for low fat spread, but when you feel and stretch the neoprene; it is like butter! Not too sure where the ‘techno’ bit came from, guess it’s to do with technological advancement in neoprene! The jersey on the neoprene is so soft, you can tell it’s in keeping with O’Neills passion for quality. O’Neill claim that this new butter stuff is 17% lighter and 30% less absorbent than the previous season’s model. The Techobutter neoprene has been licensed exclusively to O’Neill for 7 years, so you won’t find it on any other branded wetsuit.

The price for the Psycho 1 is going to be around £200 which is a really, really good price for this wetsuit. O’Neill keeps releasing wetsuits with a price tag which almost reflects giving away the wetsuit. We feel for this price customers are getting a tremendous, high quality performance wetsuit which no other brand can compete with. The wetsuits should land here in August/September time so keep your eyes peeled!