Top Surfing Destinations For Autumn 2018

Are you looking to catch some waves this October and want to know where the top surfing destinations are? October might bring cooler weather and stronger winds but there are plenty of destinations across the globe perfect for a bit of autumn sun, sea and surf. Grab your board and wetsuit and get ready to jet off to one of these amazing locations, because here, we have hand-picked the top surfing destinations for October 2018.

Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica

There are two beaches in Playa Hermosa, but it’s the one in Puntarenas you’ll want to visit if you want the best waves. The deep blue waters here carve out a surfer’s paradise – with beautiful stretches of clean, soft sands alongside the water, you can enjoy a well-deserved rest in between catching waves. Playa Hermosa attracts surfers from all around the world to its massive surf that can reach up to 13 feet high. If you have a flair for hollow and fast waves, then Puntarenas will have met its match with you. As a perfect spot for professional and experienced surfers alike, this beach makes it the ideal home for the Quicksilver International Surf Championships which take place annually. So, whether you are a keen surfer who wants a challenge, or you are an intrigued spectator, then Playa Hermosa in Costa Rica is definitely a surfing destination that should sit at the top of your list.

Tenerife, Canary Islands

For those of you who have moderate experience in tackling the waves, then the Canary Islands offer plenty of surfing opportunities for you! With the climate still offering warmer waters, there is no better place for you to challenge some local waves than in Tenerife. La Izquierda is an ideal surf spot if you want to take to some smaller waves that reach up to about 3 metres tall. Although the waves are smaller, they can be surprisingly fast and as there are a number of sharp rocks to contend with, this would be a location suitable for intermediates rather than novices. If you are an experienced surfer, however, then we recommend that you visit Billboards in Tenerife. This spot excites surfers with the fast breaks and some semi-submerged rocks which you will need to be careful of, offering you a challenge worthy of testing your skill – with caution!

Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

If you are looking for a surfing spot that boasts a range of wave heights, then Mentawai is an ideal place for you to visit. The size of the waves can vary from 2 to 12 foot, so you really can stumble across any type of surfer here, from novice to professional, to left-handers and right-handers. Due to this stunning destination drawing such a diverse crowd, you could soon understand why it is considered some of the best surf in the world. The secluded bays and uncharted territory means that you can search and catch waves far away from any crowds. The warm waters and breathtaking surroundings even offer a unique surfing spot that we can guarantee you will want to return to. With a range of bespoke surf camps for you to choose from, you really will have a jam-packed experience off of the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia.

These three places are a must if you are a surfing fanatic and you want to challenge the waves all over the world. This October, take to the waves in one of these beautiful surfing locations and whether you’re a beginner or professional at the sport, you will be blown away by what these seas have to offer.

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