Ripcurl Search GPS Series 2 Surf Watch Review

Ripcurl has released the second series in their surf watch range: Ripcurl Search GPS Series 2. When compared to the earlier modelthis one is lighter in weight and smaller in size. Some people would say that this model looks more 'watch-like' and has similarities to the current range of smart watches on the market.

This model has a GPS tracker, live statistics on the tides, weather, etc. and also hows you how far you have travelled. These features are all very impressive and contains all the must-have information for every surfer. You can also tack your session: record your waves, top speeds, and check the distance you have travelled. 

Once you have finished your surfing session, you can sync up your watch to your phonetabletdesktop or laptop and record what you have done. It will give details on session duration, waves ridden, distance covered and maximum speed reach. All the information you need to improve your surfing. You can also see all the Rip Curl riders stats to compare sessions and improve your surfing. A perfect gift idea for any surfer that loves to be in the water.

Surf watches are on the way to becoming a mainstream product, mainly due to the rise of the smartwatch. However smartwatches are getting more and more advanced and appealing to a variety of customers, now including swimmer and possibly surfers. The main competition is FitBit, one of the biggest smartwatches on the market. The FitBit Ionic has a built-in GPS tracker and also shows you calories burned and heart rates. The watch is also waterproof to 50m.

Overall, the Ripcurl Search GPS Series 2 Surf Watch is better for surfers as it gives better information regarding swells and tides. However, the current smartwatches are starting to cater their products to different sports and activities.

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