Surfing in an Airport?

The European surfing championships took a slightly different stage to host an event this year. The location wasn’t a beach break in France, but an artificial wave in Germnay’s Munich airport! The event spanned over two days and once the event finished the air pool which generates the wave stayed in Munich airport so that the general public can have a bash.

Jan Vogt the event’s organiser hopes the competition attracts a range of international surfers. Jan adds 'You are able to build this wave wherever you want, in the middle of the city, where there is otherwise no water. We just want to bring surfing all over the place, to the middle of the city, so that everyone has the opportunity to stand on a board.'

Wouldn’t it be nice if all airports had a wave machine!? Just think delays in flights and getting transfers wouldn’t be as bad if we had a wave to surf while we waited. We wonder how much money and man power it takes to logistically set this wave up?!