SAS Protect Our Waves petition

Surfers Against Sewage have launched a brand new campaign for United kingdom legislation to recognise and safeguard United kingdom surfing waves, and shorelines.

SAS’s brand new Protect Our Waves petition - - aspires to obtain more than 100,000 signatures to focus on value of surfing waves and beaches, and motivate Parliament to talk about laws in order to acknowledge and particularly protect surfing waves as a cultural, social, economic and environmental asset to coastal communities. SAS will provide the petition to Ten Downing Street in Summer 2013.

Waves around the British Isles are under threat from activities such as coastal developments and pollution. These sorts of activities could have long lasting, and ultimately devastating consequences for our marine environment and coast line. SAS Director Hugo Tagholm adds “Surfers Against Sewage is already working to protect a number of threatened surfing breaks around the UK and it is shocking that there is nospecific law in the UK to safeguard these amazing natural resources. Waves and surfing beaches should be recognised as part of UK coastal heritage and afforded greater protection and valued as unique, valuable and scarce assets, just like ancient woodland.”

“Waves are an important and necessary part of the workings of our planet. Surfing beaches and waves also have a deep personal value to surfers and surfing communities around the UK. However, in the UK there is currently no specific legal protection for surfing waves or any assurance that stakeholders, including surfers and surfing communities in Wales, Northern Ireland or England, will be consulted fairly on activities threatening their existence.”

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