The Benefits Of Paddleboarding

In this blog we are going to outline for just a handful of the benefits of paddleboarding! What we have included below is just a sample, as the list of paddleboarding is almost literally endless – from improving core strength and balance to enhancing your mental state, paddleboarding is a sport with a long list of positives!

Improves muscle strength and definition:

Paddleboarding is a sport that engages a range of different muscle groups. Your core is used to keep you stable and to make sure that the board does not move too greatly in the water. The legs are used in a similar capacity, whilst the shoulders, arms and back muscles are employed in paddling/propulsion! This activity therefore provides a full body cardio workout and works to promote the development of lean muscle fibres. If you want to increase the fat burning potential of the sport, then consider introducing HIIT techniques and styles (periods of intense exercise followed by rest).

A natural stress reducer:

Stress is a common occurrence in modern day life. Therefore, stress reducing activities are treasured for the ability to bring calm and serenity; paddleboarding being just one of these activities. Being on the water, out on the ocean or on a river or a lake can be a great stress reducer in an of itself. There is fresh air too and the natural surroundings, often mountains or forests surround you; factor in then the rhythm and the simplicity of the motions, you have a sport that has the potential to release endorphins and to stimulate serotonin production. Furthermore, paddleboarding can offer a great escape to those who are feeling overwhelmed by the stresses of everyday life! The “rush” often described by those who run as a “runners high” is something that many if not most paddleboarders say that they experience after they have returned from a paddle. You are getting the same benefits of a run from a low impact exercise, which is good for your muscles and bones and your overall fatigue level.

Vitamin D is easy to come by:

A great many individuals in our society today are lacking in vitamin D. Either this is undiagnosed, goes unnoticed, or is simply ignored. As vitamin D is synthesised from sunshine, as well as from natural sources like particular fruit and vegetables, and is an essential nutrient; vital in the formation of healthy bones and teeth. You can imagine that should you be out on the water for a days paddleboarding, you will (weather permitting of course) be able to absorb more than enough vitamin D. This is especially perfect for those people who spend a lot of time indoors during the week, in an office or otherwise away from natural sunlight. Do of course make sure that you are keeping yourself protected from the sun on your adventures, we recommend the Island Tribe’s SPF 50 and oxybenzone free clear gel sunscreen, as it has been tested extensively proven to provide protection from the sun even after 4 hours of water submersion!

Get out on the water:

If you have read this blog piece and are not currently a paddleboarder, or have been considering swapping your current board for an SUP (temporarily at least!) then we would always suggest that you get yourself a package deal – this because with a package you get everything you need in one go rather than having to source all of the different components from multiple sources, our favourites as follows:

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