Top Surf Spot Locations: Cornwall

Arguably the UK’s capital of surfing, Cornwall is a glorious county with countless beautiful bays and coves providing reliable surf throughout the year.

Located at the most southern tip of England, Cornwall overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and lends itself to plenty of good swell.

Here at Wetsuit Centre, we have featured a few of Cornwall’s most loved surf spots in our blog, but there are many more that aren’t included in our list!

If you are looking for surf locations closer than England’s most southern county, why not check out our top surf spots in Devon and make a pitstop on the way to Cornwall?

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Widemouth Bay

Bude is a popular surf location not far from the Devon and Cornwall border and is an incredibly accessible surf hotspot. It has many beaches which offer great surf for all abilities. One not far from this popular coastal town is Widemouth Bay

Conditions and Ability

With all the facilities you need for a day at the beach, Widemouth Bay is a charming sandy beach complete with toilets, cafes, car park and a convenient surf shop.

It is a popular spot for families to enjoy a day by the coast. Surfers also populate the beach because of its vast space and room for many to enjoy the waves.

The beach is positioned at a slight gradient, providing gentle breaking waves and is the ideal spot for beginners or young children who are learning the sport.

Widemouth Bay isn’t dependent on tides so, as long as there is swell, it won’t be affected by the time of day.

To Be Aware Of

The beach is lifeguarded during the popular summer months, but not outside the holiday season, same as most beaches in the UK.

There are rocks in the middle of the beach, so keep aware during high tide.

Godrevy Lighthouse from Gwithian


North of St Ives Bay lies Gwithian. More protected than other exposed beaches in the county which can receive a battering during harsh winds, it is a preferable location, especially in the winter.

Conditions and Ability

This location is loved because it is very rarely flat!

A great place to learn to surf, it also caters to the more confident surfer. Local surf schools offer all ability lessons from getting you to your feet to providing invaluable advice as you advance.

The waves tend to be slower, which makes it easier for new surfers to stand up.

The best conditions for surf are east-southeast offshore winds. The best swell direction is from the west-northwest.

Towards Hayle, you can find a surf spot which is also great for mixed abilities, attracting the attention of more experienced surfers.

To Be Aware Of

Rips and crowds are the most significant threat here. The beach is lifeguarded in the summer season.

Lifeguards at Fistral beach


One of Cornwall’s most acclaimed beaches, Fistral is a mecca for surfers and is a popular spot during the summer months.

Its beautiful golden sands stretch across the shore making it a great place to learn as a beginner, with many surf schools in the area. The beach caters to all abilities of surfing and has reliable, consistent surf throughout the year.

Lower tides provide conditions more suited to advanced surfers, two hours either side of the tide.

Between one hour after high tide and two hours before low tide, the swell tends to deliver gentler waves for beginner and intermediate levels.

North Fistral tends to be dominated by locals and, when the surf is pumping, the beach becomes a captivating display showcasing the talents of the most advanced surfers who come to ride the bigger swell.

To Be Aware Of

Fistral is an incredibly popular beach, so make sure to have your wits about you when in the sea. Keep an eye out for surfers coming your way and try to keep a hold of your board when falling off waves.

Two surfers running to the sea at Watergate Bay

Watergate Bay

Another favoured beach not far from the Newquay area is Watergate Bay.

Conditions and Ability

Two miles of lustrous golden sand, Watergate Bay is a popular spot for those who love watersports. It is an exposed beach break which relies on groundswell for its surf. The best wind direction is from the southeast, whereas it performs the best in a west-northwest swell direction.

The spot is known for its consistent surf, which isn’t tide-dependent and remains present throughout the year.

The bay offers some great amenities including cafes, restaurants, toilets and beach shop and hire.

To Be Aware Of

The parking at Watergate Bay can be challenging, so researching and preparing beforehand is a must.

Rips are the main danger here as well as being reasonably busy.

The beach is lifeguarded over summer and dogs are welcome throughout the year!

Land’s End, Cornwall

Sennen Cove

Not far from Land’s End, Sennen is a quaint fishing village with magnificent views onto the Atlantic Ocean and great surf!

Conditions and Ability

Sheltered from harsh winds thanks to its curved coastline, Sennen boasts a beautiful golden and sandy beach. With access to great swell, it is regarded as one of the most reliable surf locations in the country.

Head to the south of Sennen if you are a beginner, as this is where the beach is most sheltered. The north offers better rides for more advanced surfers with more power and steepness. On a good day, the waves here will hit six feet in height.

To Be Aware Of

The beach is lifeguarded during the summer season. However, the occasional strong rip can cause danger, so awareness is essential here.

We’ve only touched on a few great surf locations in Cornwall! Which ones do you love to visit? Why not let us, and the surf community, know on our social media channels?

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