5 Useful Resources for Beach Cleaning

A beach in Cornwall

Fortunately, for the health of our planet, wasteful behaviour is being more and more looked down upon throughout society

You may have seen the news stories of Devon and Cornwall’s top tourist destinations being left with hundreds of discarded bodyboards towards the end of the summer season.

In 2019, Watergate Bay, a much loved Cornish beach, reported collecting 180 abandoned bodyboards, while Croyde in Devon was left with 300! Thankfully, responsible local businesses ensured the boards were recycled. However, buying cheap and low-quality equipment is never a good idea for either the planet or your wallet.

Here at Wetsuit Centre, we only provide high-quality bodyboards which you can rely on, so you are relieved from the worry of throwing them away after only a few sessions.

As people who love the ocean, it is integral that we can do as much as we can to protect the world’s beauty and wildlife, especially by the coast!

Feel Inspired

Perhaps you want to know more about the effects of plastic pollution on oceans or would like some advice on how to create your own or how to join a beach clean.

If you’re hoping to help clean up our beaches, our selection of resources aims to inspire those who want to help protect the planet from marine harm. Get ready to feel motivated with our resources!

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COVID-19 and Organised Beach Cleans

Any of the charities and organisations mentioned who are responsible for planning beach cleans have all essential information regarding COVID-19 and social distancing on their site.

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Surfers Against Sewage

Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) are one of the most recognised charities for their work and dedication in stopping beach pollution.

The site offers insightful statistics and information about beach pollution as well as tips for creating your own beach clean and how you can join their official beach cleans across the country.

Their support doesn’t stop there; they also suggest how to fundraise for the charity, advice on how to go plastic-free and link to vital petitions that target the Government’s stance on plastic pollution.

Marine Conservation Society

Another successful and well-respected beach cleaning organisation is the Marine Conservation Society (MCS), also known as the UK’s leading marine charity. MCS’s Beach Watch is the national beach cleaning scheme and litter survey programme.

It encourages people the length and breadth of the country to join their schemes. Similar to SAS, they strive to work with schools and other public organisations to improve the UK’s coastal environment.

Any reports can be read on their site where you can discover the results of their beach cleans.

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Sea Shepherd UK

Founded in 1977, Sea Shepherd UK is a foundation that targets crimes against the ocean. It has multiple campaigns which all aim to protect marine wildlife including their Marine Debris Campaign which brings volunteers together to take part in beach cleans close to them.

Their campaign to target ‘ghost fishing gear’ is also at the forefront of their work. Its goal is to stop discarded fishing gear remaining in the ocean which is responsible for killing many species of wildlife including dolphins, whales and seals.

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Plastic Free North Devon

If you are based in North Devon, this is a charity you may want to be involved with!

Formed in one of the country’s busiest tourist destinations, Plastic Free North Devon is a network of volunteers who ensure that the local area minimises its contribution of plastic and encourages a sustainable community. The charity promotes ecological awareness, implements schemes to reduce plastic use, and organises beach cleans in the area, all to fight plastic pollution.

A turtle in the sea

Mission Blue Documentary

For an overall understanding of the importance of our oceans, Mission Blue is a documentary available on Netflix, which is well worth a watch.

It follows the decades of work contributed by the environmental activist Sylvia Earle, releasing her momentous discoveries about the impact humans have on the ocean and why it is vital, we do something to end our damage.

What local plastic-free groups do you have in your area of the UK? Why not share their work and tell us about them on our social media channels?