Why Surfing is a Great Family Sport

A group of groms and older surfers walking on the beach with surfboards

From incredible holidays to fun memories spanning a lifetime, there are many wholesome and practical reasons to introduce surfing as a family sport and, here at Wetsuit Centre, we are keen to tell you why!

So make sure you have your gear at the ready, not forgetting the smallest with kids wetsuits, and prepare to reap the benefits of surfing as a family!

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Health Benefits

Surfing is a demanding sport, both mentally and physically. It is challenging on your body, using most of your muscles in one session; using your arms to paddle and your legs to pop up is just the beginning of it!

And the best part? It is a workout without the realisation of that you are doing one! For children especially, surfing is more associated with the feeling of fun as opposed to mandatory exercise; so the whole family can take part in a healthy activity without even realising how good it is for you!

Furthermore, many surfing addicts use the sport as a stress reliever, opting to go into the sea to escape the pressures of life. What better way to release the mind from work, school and family pressures than spending a few hours in the ocean?

A girl paddling on a surfboard in the sea

Teaches Water Safety

An appealing aspect of surfing is how it develops your comfortability with the sea. Within your first surf lesson, you are taught the safest locations to surf, international hand signals for distress and how to protect yourself when falling off your surfboard. Not only is this a benefit for you, but it also increases the awareness of water safety for your children.

Offers the Right Amount of Challenge

It’s hard to get bored with surfing because once you master one goal, you are eager to start on the next one. In surfing, there is always room for improvement, whether focussing on manoeuvres or style, and there are small tweaks to keep advancing.

The sport develops alongside your children and, if they really take to it, they will become fixated on developing their skills each time they get in the water!

A family stood on a wooden pier in the sunset

An ‘Excuse’ for Trips

What better reason to escape over the weekend than to participate in a sport while enjoying yourself by the sea as a family. There are so many coastal locations to explore in the UK let alone across the planet, and surfing offers you the reason to go as a family!

Who knows, it may spark a new location and introduce a new holiday tradition each year!


People return to surfing time and time again, and there is a good reason for it! Catching a wave, dropping down the face and riding it to shore gives an unexplainable sense of adrenaline which you want to experience time and time again!

A male and a female surfer walking on the beach with boards


The world of surfing encompasses many inspiring stories and accomplishments, from those who have set out to become big wave surfers to female athletes who have excelled in their surf career in a male-dominated sport. And not to mention those who have overcome their battles through surfing; there is much to feel motivated and encouraged by.

The Surf Community

With surfing comes a whole community. It is not uncommon for many people who do not live by the sea to make meaningful connections with other families who reside, or also visit the same surfing locations as them. Surfing is a supportive and encouraging sport, and so are the people who do it. Even just going to a local surf shop can open conversations, and talking with the other surfers can provide knowledge and tips which may be hard to come across otherwise.

A dad carrying his son on the beach

Creates Memories

Our favourite reason to introduce surfing as a family is the endless memories the sport provides. Watching your youngest catch their first waves, to seeing them paddling to join you out back. Crazy wipe-outs and epic rides, there is so much to experience when surfing and it’s made all the more special when you have your loved ones to enjoy it with too!

Here at Wetsuit Centre, we are dedicated to providing the best equipment for surfers of all ages, from the littlest of groms to experienced surf legends! What are your favourite memories of surfing as a family? Why not let us and other surfers know on our social media channels?