Two men carrying surfboards walking toward the water

When you love to surf, you love to surf. There's nothing quite like being in the sea with the sun shining down as you catch waves. Whether it's winter or summer, you'll always be drawn to the water, which can make it pretty tough if you're working a 9-5 that doesn't link to what you love.

We've listed some of our dream jobs for surfers that either facilitate surfing or heavily link to the water. If you're looking for further advice about surfing, such as where to buy wetsuits online or wetsuit reviews, then you can check out our store here at Wetsuit Centre!

The complete guide to UK surfing

A female lifeguard at the beach

Beach Lifeguard

No doubt you've already had a look into being a lifeguard if you're into surfing. The pay is pretty good, and the job role can be either year-round or seasonal, depending on your preference; it's perfect for those that love to hit the slopes in the winter and surf throughout the summer.

You'll spend the day monitoring the ocean conditions, weather, wind, beach tide and neighbouring lifeguards. However, working as a beach lifeguard is a bit more intense compared to poolside lifeguarding. Beaches tend to be stricter with their training, and you'll most likely need to do more rescues.

A male surf instructor teaching a group

Surf Instructor

Another obvious job role added to the list! If you're a lover of all things surfing, why not share your passion with others from all walks of life? It's a social job that improves others' skills and experiences and keeps you where you want to be - in the water.

You can find jobs near and afar, so if you're one for travelling around, there's nothing to stop you. The pay is decent, which only adds to the bonus of getting paid for doing something you love. Sadly you won't be able to catch your own breaks constantly, but you'll be in the water, which doesn't sound half bad to us.

A guy photographing a wave


Becoming a surf photographer is not only a great travel ticket, but it will also open you up to meeting loads of new, interesting people. Not to mention some incredible surfers. Spend your days artistically capturing impressive surfs while also finding time to catch your own breaks.

Two men by the sea with a camera and tripod

Sports Journalist

If you enjoy a bit of writing on the side of your surfing, why not merge the two? There's no doubt you're already in the know and interested in all things surfing, so you could easily invest your time and expertise into becoming a surf journalist!

Once you've built your professional presence, you can go freelance and work remotely, which can open up a whole new world of surfing, allowing you to easily immerse yourself in worldwide surf experiences.

A group of surfers in the sea

Surf Forecaster

Surf forecasters analyse weather charts and live data from weather stations and ocean buoys, accurately predicting the behaviours of waves at particular surf breaks. What more could you want than to know where to be for the best breaks?

We hope this article has inspired you to kickstart your new surf-related career or has at least fed your surfing daydreams! If you need any water sports equipment or advice, you can check out our online store and blog or contact a member of our team who will be happy to help!