O'Neill Original Wetsuits Reviews

The new O'Neill Original Wetsuit range is an update on the Super Freak. This range comes in three thicknesses: 6/4, 5/4 and 3/2, so a wide range for all seasons. The suits are perfect for British seasons but are also suitable for other European waters which maybe a bit colder during the winter months. 

The wetsuit has a chest zip which makes movement easier. There is Fuze system at the zip which prevents water getting into the suit. This is perfect for winter surfing as the water gets very cold and once it gets into the suitit is very hard to get warm and dry again. The zip itself is very sturdy and won't rust with salt water, so it should last a couple of yearsgiven the correct treatment. 

O'Neill has designed a new collar which stops chaffing and also has a 360` barrier so water cannot get into the suit. The collar is very soft and sits well on the neck.

There are drain holes at different points on the suiton the upper arms and on the chest. The water drains out of the chest area quicker thus keeping the heat inside the body. The chest is one of the warmest areas of the body as that is where most of the organs are and it is also the area of the body which, once it gets cold, is very hard to get warm again. 

The neoprene is very stretchy and flexible and is comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The neoprene stretches and moves with the body and doesn't restrict movement. There are chest and back panels that reduce wined chill and keep the heat in the core of the body. 

The seams of the suit are blindstitched and glued and taped on the inside for extra waterproofing. This type of stitching not only keeps the water out but also keeps the warmth inside the suit. These seams also add durability to the suit as this type of seam lasts longer and, in theory, won't require as much repair work as other wetsuit seam designs. 

The suit has knee pads which add to the durability of the suit and help protection the knees when on the board. 

On the inside of the suit, there is a Carbon Firewall lining on the chest and back area. This lining is slightly fluffy and is made in vertical lines. This means that the water is channels away from the chest and back area while keep the warmth inside the body.

These suits come in Men, Ladies and Kids, a variety of sizes and also come in hooded versions. This is a perfect suit for someone who wants a quality suit which lasts a long time. The design of the suit is simple and is consistent across all genders and sizes. They do come in different colours with slight variations on the cut of the suit, the Ladies being slightly more fitted and the Kids being smaller and slimmer.

Overall this is a very well-made suit. With the various features and aspects of the suit, it is very good value for money. It is also good for people who are looking to get their first wetsuit because of its simplicity and durability. 

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