Surfboard Roof Racks

Soft racks certainly are an affordable method to carry around your surfboards in the event you don’t own a pricey auto rack, or even a van to place your sticks in. These convenient products are an extremely easy task to fit, are capable of holding approximately 8 surfboards safely. Additionally, the rack fits in a bag when not being used. There are various different types of soft racks on the market, we certainly have experimented with many of these soft racks and we will share with you the racks we believe are the most effective and good value. How exactly does a Soft Rack work?

Soft racks operate by securing to the vehicle and in addition securing the boards during travel. This is achieved by using ratchet ties which have been coupled to the padding of the soft rack. The primary set of ratchet straps flow through the doors of the car. Consequently they are tightened up to fasten the padding on the roofing of the car. The padding is engineered to supply a cushioning for the surfboards on the top of the car and provides a base for where surfboards are positioned. In addition the pads have their very own ratchet straps which fix the surfboards onto the pads on the top of your roof when pulled tight.

Which Size Roof Rack?

You will find a couple of different types of soft rack available on the market; these are generally single or double. Based on how many surfboards you would like to carry around depends if you wish to purchase a single roof rack or perhaps a double. A single soft rack will usually support 5 shortboards, 3 minimals, or 3 longboards. For those who have plenty of buddies which travel to the ocean with you, or if you have a relatively massive surf family, you might want to choose a double soft rack. The double soft rack secures two times as many surfboards as the single!


Driving a vehicle at a suitable pace using the soft rack is advisable. We would certainly advise you drive absolutely no faster than 70mph with the surfboards on the top of your car. Also have the nose of the surfboards pointing downward as this can make transporting far more wind resistant and puts less force on the rack. When used in the correct way soft racks won’t cause you any problems whatsoever.

Things to look out for:

Have your heard a vibrating noise from the straps? Simply twist the straps leading into the car door to stop the irritating vibrating noise.

Don’t fail to release the straps within the car since if it rains rain water can get in becuase the seals on the doors can be compacted once the straps are pulled tight. Helping to loosen the straps reduces the stress around the seals and gives a leak-proof seal again.

Which Brand?

We offer a range of brands such as FCS, Northcore and Rhino. All of these brands work just as well as each other so take your pick.

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