Ripcurl Flash Bomb Heatseeker Review

A new year means new wetsuits and this year is no exception. Ripcurl has released a new wetsuit which has new technology that generates heat when the person wearing the suit moves. This new technology is called Flex Energy, a new type of neoprene that supposedly generates heat when stretched. The theory is, the more you move the heat is generated. The idea is the heat you create while moving is stored within the suit and is amplified in order to keep you warm while you surf.

The Flash Bomb Heatseeker keeps the heat inside the suit and the cold wind and water out

The suit also has Liquid Mesh which is a series of stretchy mesh panels that absorb heat from the sun to keep you warm and to keep the cold air out. This is not a new piece of technology but is still valuable for anyone who surfs during the winter months or in cold waters.

A Thermo Shield is located on the arms to reduce wind chill and to keep the warmth, which would usually be lost through the wind, inside the suit. Wind chill can be a killer when it comes to surfing, particularly during the winter months as the wind is known to make the air temperature on the waves and on the coast drop by 2 or more degrees.

E5 Flash Lining is an amazing piece of engineering on Ripcurl's part as it funnels the water out of the suit when it is hung up. So, in theory, the suit dries faster and keeps the wearer warmer which is a must-have when it comes to winter surfing. The lining is super warm and soft which is a bonus as it means that the wearer can continue to surf without having to think about chaffing or itchiness. It is a small pet peeve among surfers, but it is one that can make a session last longer or draw it to a close.

The main focus point of this suit is the Flex Energy neoprene but there are other points to this suit which makes it one of the warmest and comfortable suits on the market. This suit is suitable for any winter surfer, whether it is in the UK or other parts of the globe. One thing I would recommend is to make sure you get the correct size as the heat generating properties may not be as effective on an ill-fitting suit.

Ripcurl has gone all out to market this wetsuit and had brought in surfing legend Mick Fanning to put it through its paces, but the real test is when the public uses it in real life situations and in different temperatures.

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